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I hear a lot about the Constitution, I hear that it is broken, inherently flawed, that it is a document that is open to interpretation. The truth is following the constitution has not been an issue getting us to where we currently find ourselves as a nation. It is the opinion of some, like myself, that it is owing to the areas in which we have undoubtedly stopped following the Constitution, even to the point of hypocritical contradiction, that we find ourselves in undoubtedly desperate straits. Things like our Kenysian system, that so blatantly disregards gold and silver. Indeed, I beleive that as long as currency is backed by something as value, it should be considered money. Corn dollars redeemable in corn, lithium dollars redeemable in lithium, and so forth. It is very rare for a resource to lose value. Money that is not tied to a resource is a ship in current without an anchor, bound to go downstream.

Let us hear no more that the Constitution is broken, inherently flawed, or open to interpretation as we have not for centuries actually followed the document. Sometimes, when I hear people talk about their interpretations it reminds me of how critics talk about a poem. I hear of symbols, and relativity. What is ignored is the fact that the Constitution itself is a symbol, a symbol of the inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that being the most democratic of ideas, should truly dominate the rest.

Women and men should be as mountains, their peaks reaching various heights within the same rang and each in a different way. For if we recognized the facts: we are as mountains than we could appreciate the fact that as we approached the earth, the thing that supports us, that our common ground INCREASES. That as a mountain grows down into the same range so to all beings gain in basic, foundational, common ground until at last all men grow into the most basic foundations: life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That our Constitution was written by the torch bearers of their day, and was written to preserve that foundation, and we would be as foolish as Edison would have been to have disregarded, lightly, the thought of the great men that preceded him. The men that first set foot on the shore on the continent whose frontier he advanced a little further. It bears remembering, that certain notions are said to be true until they are proved false, A geo-centric solar system was the truth for a long time. Long after it was discovered to be helio-centric it was still proclaimed geo-centric because the ancient Catholic church, the establishment of its time and place, was better suited by the old truth and thus sought to contain it.

The Constitution wisely allows itself to be amended, as the Framers understood that the human experience would continue to grow in complexity. The ability to amend has been over used, often in haste of great fear by the people that allow it more often in the often misnamed named cause of democracy. Which brings me to another point, democracy is a good thing, it is a good concept. Id rather hear no more of how terrible it is when misapplied, liberty when misunderstood can be equally unsettling. Liberty is misused when it is misunderstood to include a right to what is rightfully within another right. Generally speaking, who has worked for it, who put forth the effort that brought it to the point of being desired.

Our government is in no way reflective of the constitutions value except, go figure, in its most basic areas. We allowed them to anticipate the outgrowths of liberty and nip them in the bud. If grand missile defense schemes are necessary, would we not as a nation of free individuals, band together out of our own mutual interest and erect one? Do we need a law that FORCES us to pay for it, essentially getting between the consumers (us) and our highly valued product (strength) as a middle man; one
Do we need a law that forces us to provide for the least fortunate or able amongst us? Or would we not band together to lend what help was reasonable, for our own good,as no human lives today would stand by and watch the innocent die? . . . Notice the contradiction, I rail against indifference and pay taxes that fuels a machine lubricated with innocent blood. I recognize this fact and can only hope that, somehow, there will be an accounting. . .

No, if we have been adhering to the constitution for the past 200 years (War of 1812... go figure) then the actor behind the visage that is Newt is actually the muse of Thomas Jefferson; a preposterous untruth.

.. Science, and technology don't spring up. While there are renaissances and vast leaps forwards, such as the digital age, they develop slowly over the course of time. Usually progressing at a crawl until some actor, or actor, takes the torch and advances it with great strides, and immense personal exertion. It is in this way Thomas Alva Edison was carry a torch once carried by Benjamin Franklin more than one hundred years earlier. Benjamin Franklin did not light that torch, and neither did Newton. The only way we can carry the torch of truth further, is by ridding ourselves of the, as William Blake wrote, "mind-forged manacles" the prevent us from bursting forth. There are many links in this manacle, So many that there are not even enough letters in the alphabet to give a peculiar name to each, the letters need to be arranged in threes to suffice.

It really matters not who lit the torch of truth, as in all likelihood she has gone the way of the Unknown Soldier, the man who's valor was witnessed by none, or none left to remember. The Unknown Soldier is monument built to the primary victims of humanities most tragic flaw. Men who's names have truly been lost to the history of man. Who now remembers the Spartan soldier, who with his spear and hoplon shielded his liberty from the vast host of a foreign tyrant? It is quite possible that his blood still flows in man, that in a way that man still lives, yet we known him not and we know not if we are among him. The history of man endorses our existence, as long as one thing exists so will the converse, and as long as tyrants have ruled men, liberty has striven against them. In the Virginian at Mananas, the Spartan at Thermopylae, the Jew in Warsaw, the German in Teutoburg Forest, the Greek at Marathon, The Highlander at Falkirk and his leader in London. The same men die when Tyrants fight Tyrants.

Aye, even the best amongst us will one day be forgotten. The only meaningful thing we can do is preserve the earth for future generations, and preserve their ability to pursue happiness upon it by staying forever vigilant in the name of liberty. It is so easy to type such phrases, it is very hard to know what they mean. What exactly is liberty? Can any amongst say we know it, that we can define it in a way that applies to the magnificent multiplicity of man?

My thoughts for now, more later.


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