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Oklahoma: Ron Paul OK Announces Honorary State Co-Chairs – Key and Brogdon

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Oklahoma: Ron Paul OK Announces Honorary State Co-Chairs – Rep Charles Key and Former State Sen Randy Brogdon

[Editorial comment: Great news for the movement! As one of two Grassroots Coordinator in Oklahoma for Ron Paul in 2008, I am encouraging other counties to follow the lead of Ron Paul OK, a group based in the OKC Area. We are principled, limited government, constitutional Republicans -- Republicans Restoring the Republic!

Please thank Rep Key and former Sen Brogdon for their support and help Lukus Collins and the rest of the leaders around the state with all they are doing.

Please announce your county local leadership to the press when you are ready to do so. County leaders are encouraged to check in with the HQ operation closest to you or both of them. When you do, please let them know when/where your precinct meetings are scheduled and verify current contact information for your operations so they can properly link up others checking in at the headquarters with your local efforts. Let them know if we can publish your contact information on websites.

There is no paid staff from the national campaign for Oklahoma - we are all volunteers. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise or press their way into your local operations. As always keep your lists and strategic information secure and with trusted team players. We have the ability to request materials (within reason) from the national campaign via our state headquarters operations. So make your requests known to either the Norman HQ or the Tulsa HQ (see contact information below). There are other HQs opening soon so stay tuned.

Let's win this presidential preference primary and the nomination process by sending the most delegates to the national convention in Florida to nominate the good doctor! That process starts in Oklahoma as most of you know at the precinct meetings Feb 4-7th around the state. Thank you all for all you are doing for life and liberty in our land. Blessings/sc]

Ron Paul OK Announces State Chairs and State Director for Oklahoma

Posted on 01/18/2012

Ron Paul OK, the grassroots-based organizing effort for Ron Paul in the Republican presidential nomination race, announced on Wednesday, January 18th that organizers met and chose their leadership for the Oklahoma state level campaign.
By unanimous consent, Lukus Collins was chosen to be the Director of Operations for Ron Paul OK, and as such will also serve as Spokesperson for the group’s efforts to win the Presidential Preference Primary in Oklahoma. Collins served as an Alternate Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention, holds a position as a Co-Organizer of the OKC Ron Paul 2012 Meetup group, and is the founder of the website and blog.

In further action, organizers also chose State Representative Charles Key and former State Senator Randy Brogdon to serve as Co-Chairmen for the grassroots campaign in Oklahoma. Key and Brogdon gained national notoriety in 2009 when they joined forces to author and pass HJR 1003/SJR 10, which called upon the federal government to restrict itself to Constitutional limitations and cease infringing on states’ Tenth Amendment rights.With leadership such as this, the Ron Paul OK operation is confident in its mission to identify supporters, provide positive outreach to undecided voters, and build momentum to victory for Ron Paul in Oklahoma in 2012.
Upon accepting the position, Collins said, “I am excited for the opportunity to help organize grassroots volunteers to elect the champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul. Dr. Paul’s strong finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as his recent surges in national and South Carolina polls demonstrate the growing momentum of his campaign. I expect that wave to continue building in Oklahoma and beyond. The OKC area volunteers and headquarters are here to serve as a focal point as needed by other grassroots Ron Paul groups across the state.”

As a longtime advocate of the principles of liberty espoused by Congressman Paul, Representative Key said, “Dr. Paul has led a tireless fight against big government for nearly three decades, and has proven himself as the only presidential candidate with the conviction to back up his rhetoric with real action. His willingness to stand alone when necessary in defense of the Constitution has won him the respect of countless Americans, including myself. I am honored to serve as a Co-Chairman for the grassroots campaign in Oklahoma, and I am proud to stand with Dr. Paul in his quest to restore America to her founding principles.”

Two-term State Senator and 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Brogdon said, “I am inspired by Ron Paul and his dedication to securing the blessings of liberty, which are at risk today in our country. We need Ron Paul because he understands that our security as a nation can only be protected through the principles of liberty as laid out in our Declaration of Independence and protected by our Constitution. Dr. Paul is a man of steadfast faith and character, a husband of one wife for 54 years, and a pro-life OBGYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies. I call on all my fellow Republicans to stay true to our Party’s stated principles of a government limited to the protection of life, liberty, and property, and join me in supporting Ron Paul for President.”

Twelve-term Congressman Ron Paul of Texas enjoys a national reputation as the foremost advocate for liberty in American politics. Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington D.C. for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a return to a pro-America, non-interventionist foreign policy. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives. Dr. Paul only votes for legislation expressly authorized by the US Constitution.

For further information, contact …
Lukus Collins
Cell: 405-371-2574

Other Contact Information:
Norman Ron Paul Headquarters
106 E. Main St. Norman, OK
Phone: 405-206-3041
Manager: Laura Clarbour

Tulsa Ron Paul Headquarters
2416 E. 51st St. Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-766-9080
Manager: Angela Daniel
Tulsa R3s Meetup for Ron Paul

Ron Paul OK Press Release

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