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My caucus speech for Ron Paul in Dallas County Iowa: Economy, Electability, Integrity

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Good evening. My name is Edward Lee. I would like to thank Aaron and George and many of your neighbors for letting me speak on their behalf about Ron Paul. My classmates have helped me travel hundreds of miles to spend my Christmas break and New Year's to reach out to literally thousands of Iowans like many of you here tonight. Instead of letting the media unfairly suggest that I support Ron Paul because he's the only candidate other than Romney to get on the Virginia ballot, I would like to personally share with you what I have learned in my last week of travel.

Most of us have one of three main concerns for a candidate: 1) the economy, 2) electability, and 3) integrity. Fortunately for us, there is a candidate that satisfies all three -- Congressman Ron Paul.

Number 1: the economy. We want someone who will save our country from the massive debt and overspending.

Ron Paul predicted back in 2001 of the housing bubble and ensuing financial crisis. These were not a random guesses; he understands the economy. He has a Plan to Restore America to save the economy and create jobs. It starts by cutting $1 trillion in spending in the very first year. This bold plan balances the budget in the first term while also reducing taxes. It also never breaks our promises to seniors and veterans, so not even one penny is cut from programs like Social Security.

Number 2: electability. We want someone who can beat Obama.

Ron Paul does very well in general election match-up polls. In fact, recent polls show him consistently tieing or beating Obama. If we focus on Independent voters, he is the candidate who beats Obama, and he beats Obama by double digits. Independent voters are key to winning the general election. They too care about the economy, and they want Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America.

Number 3: integrity. We want someone who is consistent and will keep his word.

Ron Paul has kept his Christian vow to his one high school sweetheart, now wife of 55 years. He has kept his Hippocratic oath to protect life by delivering over 4000 babies and zero abortions. He has kept his oath to defend the Constitution when he served in the Air Force and in 12 terms of Congress by only casting a principled vote for a Constitutionally-limited government. He will keep his oath as President to protect our country with an even stronger national defense, which he believes is the most important function of our federal government.

Those are three reasons that many Iowans support Ron Paul for President. My classmates and I also support Ron Paul for President because he will fix the economy, so hopefully when we graduate, we will be able to find work.

Ron Paul has a Plan to Restore America.
Ron Paul will beat Obama.
You can trust Ron Paul.

Please. Support Ron Paul for President.

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    Great speech and thank you!/sc

    ps fix title to county if you can