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Christmas in Libya

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Christmas in LIBYA 2008, by Khadija Teri:
With gifts in hand, my daughter Nora and I arrived at the address of my friend just as others were arriving. We spent a lovely evening with a group of people from many different nationalities and faiths all having come together to help our friend celebrate a holiday that was so dear. Many of the guests were here working in Libya. One woman found herself in Libya for a two week business trip and was invited so she wouldn't have to spend the holiday alone. I was truly honored to be a guest. It reminded me of how the day is celebrated by my family back home.

The house was decorated, candles lit, the story of the birth of Jesus was read and Christmas songs played on the stereo. Good food, company and conversation were shared by the guests. We all left shortly before midnight as many of the guests were heading toward Aldahara to hear the church bells. For the last two years the church in Aldahara has been given permission by the government to be allowed to ring their bells at midnight on Christmas Eve. They are also allowed to ring them on Easter. So twice a year the bells can be heard in Tripoli.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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