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My perception of war and our foreign policy changed when I actually went into combat...

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This is a story relayed to me by a fellow US Marine. I am sharing this story with permission from the person who told it to me. Here are his exact words.

"My perception of war and our foreign policy changed when I actually went into combat with a Marine infantry battalion.

I remember the day when we set up a blocking position on the outskirts of an Iraq city. We shot warning shots at a vehicle. The driver got out in a hurry but failed to put the car in park, so it rolled toward us. We lit up the vehicle killing his little niece in the front seat and mortally wounding his sister in the back seat. The car caught on fire and burned the little girls body until all that was left was a pile of charred flesh and bones. We then had to tell the man he had to leave, to go wander the desert because he no longer had a car, and he could not stay there.

Then there was the day when we shot an old lady in the head who was still alive. While we were transporting her to our FOB for medical treatment, she puked up pieces of her brain in the back of my vehicle.

You can say all you want about Muslims, but you cannot tell me that that man and that womanís family is now wrong to hate the Americans with all their might.

What would you think if another country came here setting up an air base in Texas, running combat patrols in our streets, sometimes killing our people, searching our homes without warrants, searching our vehicles without warrants or personalized suspicion all under the guise of helping us and all without answering to our own laws? I would be pissed.

Donít think for one second it is not the strategy of our enemies to get us bogged down in a war for so long it bankrupts us. Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires for a reason. These people are too fractured by tribal allegiances for our strategies to work."

David L****
US Marine


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    And yet the last sentence would say otherwise.