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It Will Take More Than Fear to Sway Me

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In this age of myopia, great men and women of this country are called to duty as a society to envision a better World. Itís not impossible to imagine, nor is it to achieve. We sent a man to the moon. We split atoms and harness energy at its source. An idea that once took years to reach every corner of the Earth, now can be done an instant.

A man had a dream and 370 million living Americans have heard it.

Every idea has a source and that is and always will be the individual who had the audacity to use their own mind to conceptualize it. A single man or woman can change the world as a result.

Yet, with all of this infinite potential, we all face a single challenge that would seem insurmountable; fear. Fear has always been the primary tool of tyranny and is used to manipulate the minds of men. There is only one thing that can defeat fear and that is truth.

America, you must decide this very moment which shall rule you. You must choose between truth or fear. A society in fear can only begat tyranny and with it, cannibalism and destruction. A society that stands for truth will produce freedom and with it, peace and prosperity. The lowest common denominator of the American dream is that WE THE PEOPLE believe more in the truth of our potential than the fear of our failure.

So the question is: where can we find truth?

I can tell you one thing; you wonít find it on your tv, in your newspaper, or even from your local weatherman. No, you must find it from within you and within others. You must look your mother and father, your brother and sister, your spouse and your children in their eyes and know that not even the greatest of fear from any tyrant could ever take away what is true, what is love. This truth shall forever compel you to fight for their freedom and their future. Should we doubt that all men and women on this planet are compelled by this same truth?

Of course not.

The difference between America and all other nations is that we are the beacon of hope for freedom, that such truths shall remain self-evident - that all men are created equal, under liberty and justice for all. I care not what fear drives you to give up such inalienable rights and freedoms, but as for me, there is not any greater threat to that hope than myself. If I should ever submit to such fear, my country will fall with it.

Pit every nation, every tyrant, every terrorist on this Earth against me and I will fearlessly put myself before them, in sacrifice, to protect what I love. For me, that is my country and our ideals of freedom and individual liberty Ė this American dream.

I hope you will come to accept that these words have been inspired to me by a man whom may have very well saved my life. As a Veteran, he taught me what it means to honor my oath and gave me the courage to put my fear aside and realize there is a higher truth to how we choose and fight our battles. He has armed me with this conviction, so that I may come to terms with, not only what it means to be a soldier, but also what it means to be an American.

For me, that meant removing myself from this battle, which is not ours to partake in under the law, regardless of the reasons used to justify those actions Ė be it terrorism or security. Our Constitution determines this to be, what we should tolerate, and is the foundation to everything that is right and honorable about America.

I see a great underlying force of corruption working against this man, because they want you to believe following the Constitution is naÔve and radical. I believe in him, not because I know with absolution that he is right about everything, but that I know in his heart that he is prepared to give his life to uphold his oath to support and defend the Constitution and to protect liberty in all of its forms.

With humility, I come to you with this message, so that it may galvanize a place in your heart, regardless of how silly it may sound.

So, it is with great conviction that I write to you and say that no lie, no deception, and no manufactured truth could ever change the inevitability that I will be voting for Ron Paul. I care not if I am the only man in America who votes for him, because I will put my truth above their fear. There are millions of Americans like me, who have made this same decision and hold this same conviction, even if that chance of failure seems greater than our potential.

I know the powers that be, including our media, will attack him for what he believes, because it is incompatible with their narrative that the rest of the world is something we should be afraid of or that we are exceptional to all others. The only thing that would make us exceptional is our freedom and our soil is stained with the blood of patriots whom died to protect those rights. This, the very heart of his cause is no different from that of any patriot Ė for the ideals of freedom and truth are essential to every man, woman and child and provide the means to survive the onslaught of any threat we shall ever face.

We must restore our conviction in this and the virtues which made us great. I cannot think of any man better suited to lead us there, than Ron Paul. He personifies so much of the wisdom of our founding fathers. To ignore him, is to ignore our very heritage and the true values that made us the great nation that we are.

By all means, if there is a better man for President, then bring him forward. Until then, my conscious will be clear knowing I am voting for a great man, with great ideas.

As for me, I donít know if Iíll ever be the next George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., or John F. Kennedy, but I know with certainty that I am the soldier crossing the Potomac with him, I am the black man at the foot of the Washington Monument listening to him, and I am the American who mourns him; knowing that without them we would not have as great of a country as we do and would be without the examples to fight for truth, in spite of all the fear that we lived as a nation during the pinnacle of their lives and influence.

Ron Paul is like those men, if you still have the will to want a great leader and donít succumb to the fears of feeble men and their limited expectation of our potential as a people.

Without such will, we no longer deserve these great leaders and we shall fall due to our fear. It is not America on her own behalf that is great, but rather the men and women who have lit the fire of freedom and whose ideas changed the world.

I will vote for Ron Paul and no fear can sway my decision.

Brett Dusek
Veteran PATRIOT Missile Defense Operator
"No Fear" Battalion, 108th ADA

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