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al GADAFI is alive and well

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After reading LIBERTBABY 's find post of good sentiment

I had to correct a MAJOR flaw.

We publish this news to put an end as quickly as possible to the confusion in the psychological war during which NATO has flooded the web with false news, false documents, false Libyan sites, contaminating social networks and unfortunately also some sites of friends of Libya.

from MATHABA we read:

Mathaba Editor's note: The good author and others will be pleased to note that the reality is that Muammar Qaddafi is still alive, safe and well. Ali Al-Andalus of Sirte, who has a striking resemblance to Muammar, although shorter among other differences, was murdered in the most horrific manner, as is the custom of the US-British-French intelligence supported "Al-Qaida" NATO-rebel "rat" gangs in Libya.
"A prime example of this is the alleged murder of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, who we can confirm yet again is safe and in good health, and also various statements being attributed to the Qaddafi family and resistance. The purpose is to ensure that the resistance is weak and cannot protect its leaders, to create an impression that each person to be declared resistance leader will be instantly betrayed and captured by NATO or its TNC puppets."
Muammar Gaddafi has already called upon his supporters to be prepared for those lies and not to stop the struggle against NATO. Guerilla and information war against NATO, which controls Libyan skies, media and communications networks, must be spread on the net without declared headquarters because the headquarters can be eliminated by military forces. Many of those who support Libya do not realize that each action must be well prepared and that it takes time, under the information siege especially since late August many people think that the resistance in Libya doesn’t exist. They cannot assess the reports that tribes which had previously supported TNC turned their arms against it.

To blow up the faith in the resistance among Libyans and their supporters who fight together with Libyans against the NATO and global media in the next couple of days, the plot about Aisha’s arrest may be released through the usual media channels and rebroadcast by unsuspecting bloggers and social media activists. Do not trust all those who lied to us from the very beginning and continue to do so, the media war against the people of the world, and the people of Libya, is ongoing.

NOTE: The Editor of LibyanFreePress subscribes and agrees completely with the statement of Mathaba

so what is going on, you ask: / صحيفة الجماهير / Libya - Russian media reports Col. Muammar Gaddafi safe and sound, rebels killed his double!
Jamahiriya Truth - News / أخبار ليبيا الحقيقة

يمكنك اغلاق `ر تصل الحقيقة صحيفة الجماهير NOW at

Jamahiriya - Truth News / أخبار ليبيا الحقيقة

Gadhafi calendar.jpg

MuamarAlGaddafiAliveNovember2011.jpg / صحيفة الجماهير / Libya - Russian media reports;
Col. Muammar Gaddafi safe and sound, rebels killed his double!
A Russian expert said on condition of anonymity that the Libyan Leader. Col. Muammar Gaddafi was safe and sound.
The man, captured by Libyan rebels in Sirte was not Col. Muammar Gaddafi. It was only a colonel’s double named Ahmid who was shot dead, reports the Russian government radio The Voice of Russia.

The Russian expert said that he has evidence of the fraud, the most serious of which is a video footage of the “arrest of Col. Gaddafi”.

In particular, witnesses report that it was cloudy and heavy rain at the time of capture, but the video shows that it is sunny with gusts of sand wind.

Gaddafi’s hair is black. On the video we see coffee-colored hair of the double.
But the corpse presented on display in the hospital is black-haired.

The expert further said that the corpse taken to the hospital had two bullet wounds in the body: one at a side, above the ear, and another one in the stomach. On the video, we see yet another wound in the head. The shot was made at close range.

In the past, Muammar Gaddafi had undergone stomach surgery in the abdomen, from which a deep scar was left. The corpse, displayed by the rebels, had no scar in this place, and no other signs of surgery at all.

The information by US-NATO media that Col. MuammarAl-Gadadfi had been allegedly killed was earlier also refuted by the Mathaba news agency. It said:

Dry your tears and continue the fight: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi

According to reports reaching us, the martyr humiliated and presented as Muammar Al-Gaddafi, in videos and photographs that have been shown around the world, has been identified as the real person actually called Ali Majid Al Andalus who was an inhabitant of Sirte in Libya and was famous for his resemblance to the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution.

We publish this news to put an end as quickly as possible to the confusion in the psychological war during which NATO has flooded the web with false news, false documents, false Libyan sites, contaminating social networks and unfortunately also some sites of friends of Libya.

The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not Muammar al Gaddafi, but his double. He called himself ‘Ahmid’. Just look at his face and compare it with that of the true Muammar Al- Gaddafi!

(click to see Ali Majid Al Andalusi) (click to see Muammar Al-Gaddafi)

We have obtained this information from a reliable source and we ask that you mobilize more than ever to work in order to update the truth and for an end to unjust wars against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and elsewhere such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and those wars that predators would launch against Syria and Algeria, for example.

We ask the European and American populations and all peoples of the world to step up their actions with all their might, with all means available and to set in motion any concerted effort to ensure that NATO and all their accomplices throughout the world be rendered permanently ‘checkmated’. This is the future of humanity. Do not leave your future and that of future generations in the hands of dangerous psychopathic criminals.

Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and ignoble Albellajil know very well that they did not kill Muammar Gaddafi. They used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras. This served several purposes including tarnishing the image of the Guide on the one hand and smearing Islam on the other.

The reason that Jalil was quick to declare Sharia in Libya is to place the blame for the crimes of NATO squarely on the backs of Muslims and Islam, when in reality it is these ‘druggie types’ hired by the secret services of NATO countries, who have nothing to do with Islam, who committed these crimes.

This is a war against Islaam. Once these monstrous mercenaries from NATO have committed enough crimes before the cameras around the world with the help of NATO, the latter will then have every excuse to kill more people and boost their wars to strengthen their control over the Muslim countries that they have been pitching as wild and barbaric societies. Islam will then have been discredited and their victims will quietly accept their ‘offer’ and help to execute the infamous project of the so-called New World Order.

NATO’s process of psychological destabilization must be retained forever by the citizens of the world as a lesson.


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    translation of the arabic معمر القذافي حي يرزق ماشاء الله تبارك الله reads:
    Muammar Gaddafi is alive Machae God bless God

    JANUARY 2012 when Muammar appeared to his troups on closed-circuit Jamahiriya-TV
    Conqueror of Persia and men .. day after day light light light Aashobei course I hope the public light and unitary authority Conqueror Conqueror popular Freedom Day

    24h/ MAJOR NWO FALSE FLAG IN LIBYA – FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AT STAKE [ 24 August * there is fake photo of someone] ->
    ‘Gaddafi dead’ story stinks? ‘Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports’ – > [Stephen Lendman]

    24h/ Gaddafi has 12 doubles— “There is every reason to believe that the person which was filmed – is a made-up actor ” Gaddafi look-a-like.” He is simply a double, with the aim to present fraud ofGaddafi’s death.”

    22h/ Video aboute Gaddafis Died is FAKE!! Look at Date from information about video

    Complete name: C: \ T \ Footage Shows Gaddafi’s bloodied body.mp4
    Format: MPEG-4
    Format profile: Base Media / Version 2
    Codec ID: MP42
    File size: 2.82 MiB
    Duration: 32S 160ms
    Overall bit Rate: 736 Kbps
    Encoded Date: 19/10/2011 14:16:48 UTC
    Tagged Date: 10.19.2011 UTC 2:16:48 p.m.
    gsst: 0
    gstd: 32 160
    gssd: BD9104905HH1319138306696132 gshh : Video ID: 1 Format: AVC Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec Format Profile: Baseline@L3.0 Format settings, CABAC: No Format settings, ReFrames: a frame Format settings, GOP: M = 1 , N = 60 Codec ID: AVC1 Codec ID / Info: Advanced Video Coding Duration: 32S 160ms Bit Rate mode: Variable Bit Rate: 640 Kbps Maximum bit Rate: 941 Kbps Width: 640 pixels Height: 360 pixels Display Aspect ratio: 16: 9 Frame Rate mode: Constant Frame Rate: 25.000 fps Color space: YUV Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0 Bit depth: 8 bits Scan type: Progressive Bits / (Pixel * Frame): 0.111 Stream size: 2.45 MiB (87%) Tagged Date: 19.10.2011 14:16:48 UTC Audio ID: 2 Format: AAC Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec Format Profile: LC Codec ID: 40 Duration: 32S 112ms Bit Rate mode: Variable Bit Rate: 91.9 Kbps Maximum bit rate: 102 Kbps Channel (s): 2 channels Channel positions: Front: LR Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz mode Compression: Lossy Stream size: 360 KiB (12%) Title: File Produced by IsoMedia Google, 5.11.2011 encoded Date: 19/10/2011 2:16:48 p.m. UTC Tagged Date: 10/19/2011 14:16:48 UTC … ” [Dejan Rats Hunter Hetzel]
    21h/ Alleged video of our Borther Leader Gaddafi dead, BBC apparently confirmed it was fake – >

    21h/ Gaddafi’s Death is Rumor spread by TNC for Hillary Clinton - NOTE: Remember US Secretary was just in Libya instructing the rebels to do whatever it takes. Even that video and telling everyone she was in Tripoli was false. She was not in Tripoli.

    Gaddafi was supposedly captured or killed in Sirte, that he was being tracked by satellite to be hiding somewhere deep in the southern Libyan desert. How can he now be captured or killed in Sirte if the town was under siege and in a blockade for weeks? Did Gaddafi somehow travel thousands of kilometres to sneak into Sirte? Then TNC’s Mahmoud Jibril (who is about to get sacked) said 68 vehicles with at least eight fighters each crossed the Libyan borders to Mali and Gaddafi is hiding in the southern desert. Pick up a map. Learn geography.
    Today is just another day cleaning out garbage news. – TSR – >

    Read more:

    Anonymous says: December 20, 2011 9:23 AM Reply
    Knew like many lifetime supporters of the Green Movemnent and life time supporters of Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi from October 20, 2011 that Brother Leader is very much alive, well , in good health and in a secure location. It is has been known to fake a death in order to get to a secure location. All those images issued out by the lying , poisonos propagandist media of the West, Nato, the Rats the Rebels and the NTC are a total fabriacation. Those of us who have studied Libya over the years, and Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi and the the Libyan Arab Jamahariya Governement the ONE AND ONLY TRUE, LEGAL AND LEGITAMATE government in Libya and the world knows that is NOT Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi in the videos and the images that have been shown all over the world. As the West , NATO, the Rats the Rebels, and the NTC, the traitors of the Middle East are pioneers of of poisonous lies and propaganda and will always continue to be they will NOT retract that ridiculous garbage. The Al Gaddafi Family know the truth also and only going along with the lie story for security and protection reasons for Brother Leadder Coloenl Gaddafi. There was one entry by Anoymous the first statement is totally right Bedhouins usually do not go around looking like Saddam Hussein's double who was captured in December 2003. We all know Brother Leader was always well shaven and always looked presentable, stylish and elegant in every way.

    All those who have posts on this page chatting garbage about Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi either keep it shut or learn to read and read the truth and get educatied.

    Allah Muammar Libya Wa Bes. Long Live and God bless Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi, Brother Saif Al Islam, Sister Aisha Gaddafi, The brave and courageous Green Army, the Green Libyans and the Libyan Arab Jamahariya. Allah Akbar.
    Updated 04-20-2012 at 06:29 PM by galantarie
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    Olivera Olja Ilić
    Libya - A new intervention of Dr. Hamza Touhami of January 27, 2012 (January 28, 2012)
    Touhami Dr. Hamza has occurred January 27, 2012, announcing the popular uprising in Benghazi. He said the real revolution began (not revolution NATO)
    and that young Libyans will release Libya, young people like Moatassem, Seif, Saidi, Aisha will create the new Libya and liberate the country.

    He added that the people of Bani Walid told France Presse that the Libyan leader is alive as well as in the hearts of all who live in Bani Walid.

    Dr Touhami, said a student in the department of literature at Sabha, tore the flag of shame in front of everyone and has put his name on the list of those expelled in the table of the Student Union and she's torn. He commended the heroic gesture.
    He added that Bouchene (MustaphaAbdeljalil) will never live in peace in Libya. Whoever sold con honor, his country and brought the enemy in Libya.
    He added that a release of CNT talking about 40 million Libyan dinars was stolen by a group of four people in the administration of the CNT.
    He added that Musptapha Abdeljalil asked the Libyans to boycott Al Jazeera and Arabia!
    Dr Touhami asked Tuareg women to Touergs, Tuareg children to come help the resistance to liberate the city of Sabha already.

    (only thing,I am sure Olivera meant Khamis, not Dr. Moutassem al-Billah (who was slain).
    Updated 01-28-2012 at 02:55 PM by galantarie
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    The False Martyrdom of Colonel Muammar Gadhafi.
    Libyan Colonel doubtful Qatari-Hollywood western movie media false execution sine tripoli film production methodsmade on 19th of October, with NAVADA signature.
    Updated 01-28-2012 at 03:49 PM by galantarie
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    Exalted Member

    Joined:13-January 11
    Posted 12 January 2012 – 11:41 AM

    Even NATO will not be able to control the southern desert. Rabble rats are finished. Green Libya will be reborn like Phoenix from the ashes !
    Posted 10 January 2012 – 07:28 AM

    Muammar was neither caught nor killed.They caught and killed a double.
    Muammar is alive and organising the Resistance from a safe underground location.

    Muammar is alive.
    He is coordinating the Green Resistance from a safe underground location.

    His own press is not reporting on it because he wants to keep his underground location secure and safe, hidden away from western rats.The time will come for him, but not yet, to show up again.VIVA MUAMMAR !
    Posted 15 January 2012 – 08:21 AM

    Only one son is captured: Saif al-Islam.And he is not really captured, he is staying with the Zinten tribe who are keeping him safe from rats’ harm.
    It is said that he will even marry a woman from the Zinten tribe, this will assure their loyalty to the Guide.

    Khamis Gaddafi is underground, organizing the Green Resistance with his father.

    Hannibal and two brothers are in Algeria in exile, with their sister Aisha and mother Safia.

    They are organizing the media: Aisha will take over and continue TV Rai from a new location.

    Two of the Guide’s sons, Saif al-Arab and Mutassim, are dead: killed by NATO butchery.

    Aisha’s husband – a colonel in the Jamahiriya Army – is dead as well: killed by NATO butchery.

    Libye – Les manifestants à Benghazi chantent « Oui oui …oui oui … Maoummer est toujours vivant » (5 janvier 2012)

    Publié le 05/01/2012 à 21:40 – 905 visites

    Source : ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Selon Dhida Yawme 17 fibrayr Fi Libya (Contre le 17 février en Libye), des grandes manifestations dans les rues de Benghazi et les manifestants chantent « وي وي وي وي .. معمر قاعد حي» « Oui oui …oui oui … Maoummer est toujours vivant ».

    :green flag: :green flag:

    Libya: Demonstrators in Benghazi chant “yes, yes, yes, yes … Muammar is still alive” (January 5, 2012)

    According to Dhida Yawme 17 Fibrayr Fi Libya (Against February 17 in Libya), huge demonstrations are taking place in the streets of Benghazi, with demonstrators chanting “yes, yes, yes, yes …. Muammar is still alive.”

    ALGERIA ISP / La radio Libya FM (Pro CNT) a diffusé une chanson patriotique du guide Maoummer Kadhafi ce qui a provoqué la colère des rebelles et des pro CNT. La radio LIBYA FM s’est excusée et elle a confirmé que c’est une radio du CNT. Est ce que cette diffusion été accidentelle ou bien délibérée par un fidèle de la résistance verte ou un piratage de la fréquence de la radio ?

    :green flag: :green flag:
    Updated 01-31-2012 at 12:23 PM by galantarie
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    al-Gathafi is coming home!
    a publié dans Libyan Electronic Green Army.

    Ehab Sabraty 8 février 02:51
    عاجل جدآ ..علي جميع الثوار المتواجدين حاليآ في جميع البوابات من أنحاء الجماهيرية العظمي الإبتعاد علي البوابات وفتح الطريق لمجاهدي المقاومة وعلي رأسهم خميس معمر القذافي للدخول للعاصمة طرابلس وتحريرها من ثوار الناتو.هذا فعلي جميع المؤيدين الإنضمام الي هذا المجاهد وذلك ما بين " 16 . 17 . 18 . 19 . 20 فبراير القادم .. وشعارنا هو ( نسالم من يسالمنا ونعادي من يعادينا ) ..المجاهد .. خميس معمر القدافي
    a publié dans Libyan Electronic Green Army.

    Ehab Sabraty 8 février 02:51
    FLASH .. to all the rebels Online at all gates from around the Great Jamahiriya to get away at the gates and open the way for the Resistance fighters, headed Thurs Muammar Gaddafi to enter the capital Tripoli and freed from rebels NATO. The actual all supporters to join the mujahid and that between "16. 17:18:19. Feb. 20 .. Our motto is (from Nsalm Isalemna and antagonize the Ieddin) .. struggling .. Thurs Muammar Gaddafi
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    Revolution 17/2/2012 to Nharir mass bulb of your max
    I hope circular on Thursday, 10 pm we will open the song "Yakaúd our revolution" all over Libya steadfast to spread terror among the NATO Maiz and God willing, I will open 2 of the song please Publishing

    ثوره 17/2/2012لنحرير الجماهيريه العضمى
    استمرو في المقاومه حتى لو لم تسمعو صوتي

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel:
    We have been trading an audio recording issued on the basis that voice Thurs Gaddafi .... Teach you, and reliable sources that this recording of the plan until the rats Akhaddroa the spirit of resistance ... If you have noticed that he talked about the day 27-2 .. Any date on which makes the memory of shame going through a revolution in peace .. So as not to face any kind of resistance ...
    Beware, O Liberal rats who bear them horror and this is confirmed by the messages which they spread through the mobile phone companies ...
    Qaomohm not wait for anyone ... Each of you a field commander in his place ...
    As the leader, Mr. Qaomohm
    Updated 02-09-2012 at 07:52 PM by galantarie
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    Saif Al-Islam Kadhafi
    Je jure par Dieu Tout-Puissant d'être loyal et appuyer le chef religieux Mouammar Eboumnyar Kadhafi et de passer son chemin et ma verte Libye et la résistance contre les traîtres et des agents et de préserver le démarreur avec le chef de la résistance et avec sincérité, l'honnêteté et la sincérité. ---------------- --------------
    dans la réponse et la copie qu'il Derlha poster pour activer Mbdaúna département sur ​​le bon cœur de diffuser le reste Tmininh nous

    Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi
    I swear by God Almighty to be loyal and support the religious leader Muammar Gaddafi Eboumnyar and go his way and I was green and the Libyan resistance against the traitors and agents and to preserve the starter with the leader of the resistance and sincerity, honesty and sincerity. ------------------------------
    in response and copy it to activate Derlha post Mbdaúna department on the good heart to spread the rest we Tmininh
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    Qathafi rides into Tripoli, 17-20th February 2012
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    Allaa 32 E
    The banner of liberation of the Great Jamahiriya statement, the military factions of the Libyan resistance green on all the rebels currently based in all the gates around the Great Jamahiriya away on Albobat and open the way for the Resistance fighters, led by Thurs Muammar Gaddafi to enter the capital Tripoli and freed from rebels NATO. This For all supporters to join this Mujahid and record the names of the traitors until they download lists of every home and a NATO flag and the motto is (from Nsalm Isalemna and antagonize the Ieddin) Mujahid Thurs Muammar Gaddafi forward ...

    To all the children of the Libyan people the Great Mashahdtm after you is the outcome of the revolution, hypocrisy, lying, and that did not change something in our country, but it
    May be jealous of a free country Sharif and able to live without extending his hand to other countries to become the country billions in debt and everyone started Bnhishh
    And the looting of wealth and all this because of a handful of traders with our blood and the blood of our brothers who duped them under the pretext of change ..
    Address you, O people, we are fully Vsaúlna and our armed forces are ready for the moment creep and editing, which would not have
    Precedent in the history of military warfare.
    As we approach you, our people as follows: -
    1 - psychologically and morally ready for the next hurricane Liberation cleansing
    2 - sign-hour crawl at any moment since the issuance of this statement and not away from your places engaged in its protection
    3 - Distribution of roles among you, each according to his ability and his experience in his area.
    4 - the formation of battle groups and protecting groups for each group exceeding 10 people.
    5 - control of your streets and Ahaaúkm and not to allow customers to enter NATO, and your use as human shields
    6 - not to be subjected to both hands in his weapon or committed to his house.
    7 - not to be subjected to civilians and diplomatic missions, political, and places owned by the service of our people
    8 - crawling next
    to you not to avenge the exception of a leadership client and each of us tries to stand with arms
    9 - There will be signals between all members of the armed forces such as the zero hour, then our leaders will announce your horn and zero hour
    In ways that have been processed in advance.
    10 - all members of the armed people sustained implementation of it number one in all points of 1 to 10

    Based on what you stated Ntmn our brothers in all parts of Libya that our revolution for liberation and cleansing and the recovery of freedom of Libya, security and peace of sons

    God is greater, and the revolutionary struggle continues until victory
  14. galantarie's Avatar
    مجاهد خميس معمر القدافى نؤكد لكم ومن مصادر موثوقة 100% ان الجنرال الذهبي بالف خير هو ورفاقه المناضلين ويلقنون كل ساعة الدرس تلو الدرس للجرذان واسيادهم وموعدنا جمعيا معه في الساحة الخضراء ترفرف علينا راية العز والكبرياء الراية الخضراء فلا تنجرو وراء هده الأخبار لان هدفهم الحصول على اية معلومة توصلهم للأخ المجاهد انتبهو وابتعدو عن تداول هدا الخبر والله اكبر والمفاجأت قادمة قادمة

    Gena Jena

    Global Public Support for Green Libya, Syria, Iran and Other ANTI NWO countries:
    Moved from: Billah due to the trading page Almottagrdna and some pages steadfast and fraternity remain steadfast news about besieging Gen Golden Mujahid (Khamis)

    For Thursday, Muammar Gaddafi assures you that he is fine, (and also from 100% reliable sources) that General Khamis is fine too and his freedom fighters too are indoctrinated every hour with giving a lesson after lesson to rats and their masters! and our appointment societies with him (MUAMMAR) in Green Square we fly the green flag of glory and flag of green pride. This night there is no news behind this topic, because their goal is to obtain any information to arrive at the brother mujahid Antbho Aptt and on the handling of this news and is the largest of surprises to come and to come!


    Libya – A video of a large army convoy in the Liberation of Libya (23 February 2012)
  15. galantarie's Avatar
    Posted in: Libyan Crisis,News
    Muammar Gaddafi is Alive, Qaddafi is Not Dead

    Gadhafi would be alive and ready to organize Resistance in Libya, say agencies
    16/01/2012 18:01, For Writing, with RicTV - Algiers and Madrid
    Gaddafi says he is well and is leading a Resistance movement against TNC-Libya
    Reports from news agencies circulated on Monday in Libya, Serbia and Russia reported the first appearance of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi after the news of his (perported) "death", which occurred during the conflict in that country last year.
    According to international news agency RicTV, Gaddafi spoke to the Libyan Green Army in a transmission of from Algerian radio.
    The Libyan leader, said that his death was attested by the official media of the new government of that country, but that he was alive, really.

    [Many GREEN Army personnel are refugees in the neighboring country, where an articulate response will be given to the takeover by rebellious tribes that had the support of the forces of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). These same sources ensure us that the man, confused by the rebels, was a distant cousin of Gaddafi called Madzid Ali Al Andalus. The Double was famous in Sirte, where he lived and died, in appearance similar to that of the then ruler.
    RicTV heard by the agency, Al-Andalusi's family confirmed his death on October 20 last year, same date assigned to the murder of Gaddafi. Independent sources have also confirmed to reporters that the Libyan leader (Muammar al-Qathafi) was away from Sirte on 20 October.
    - The false proclamation gives great strength and moral support to the NTC; and is the prevailing story circulating these days. Many rats were left to the settle violence against the people of the Jamahiriya. Everything was done in the name of a false revolution.]

    To all the honest sons of Libya, the sons of the mujahideen (warriors) and mujahideen commanders of the children, the sun will shine after a long night; and you need to know for now is that victory is near. The redemption is drawing near - the transmission signals attributed to al-Qathafi.
    According to news agency, based in Spain, his message is addressed to international security units, security units of the tribe, the soldiers of the battalion, Battalion 32, the Libyan mujahideen and free.
    He said that Resistance to launch operations in all regions, from east to west. He called on Libyans to join the Resistance fighters and launch an attack, even stones. He urged fighters Hadaba The Abu Salim and intensify operations against the traitors who have sold Libya said that we should shout Allah Akbar from the heart, not from the throat to the rebels. He said the resistance to free Libya, or that they will die. He said that the ancestors of the Italians fought only to free Libya. He told the soldiers that mothers pray for their lions, because they will fight like kamikazes. Saif al-Islam is a member of the resistance will motivate us to improve the resistance of the liberation of Libya. He told his mother that he would go to heaven and that is to go for the victory of Libya. Resistance fighters will be like a kamikaze to release all prisoners, including kanji kanji Saif. He added that Libya never divide. Libya will never become the emirate of Qatar and the UAE, and a colony of France and other Western countries. He calls all the Mujahideen Army, tribes from all regions, Algerians, Tunisians, Iraqis and Syrians to stand against the mercenaries rats. Stay with the Libyans and the Libyan and help the mujahideen Resistance.

    Gaddafi, the report - not yet confirmed by independent sources - has named his son, Saif al-Islam,

    "a member of the Resistance will motivate us for the release of Libya."

    Gaddafi would have closed his remarks with the assurance that never divide Libya.
    - "Libya will never be turned into an emirate of Qatar or the UAE or in a colony of France or other Western countries"

    - emphasizes the statement attributed to Gaddafi.
    Besides the members of the army loyal to the Jamahiriya of al-Qaddafi, the Libyan leader, also called on

    "all the tribes of the regions, Algerians, Tunisians, Iraqis and Syrians to stand against the rats and their mercenaries."

    In similar reporting, published on the ISP Algeria shortly after the false announcement of the "death" of al-Qathafi, there was another version that he was alive and well and excellent health.

    Libya and Syria 24th and 25 February 2012th

    Posted by rictvanoticiastv on 2012/02/25 in army, civiles, Libya, martir, muerto, NATO, press, rictvnoticiastv Digital tv, tripoli, ultimasnoticias

    Author: Edited – May Orlić

    Libya and Syria D-Day, when to start the uprising is approaching. People’s resistance in his first speech urged the rebels to repent or be killed. Told that the door is open to all who are disappointed in the National Transitional Council. Called theLibyans were all able to take up arms and join the Green Army, but was asked by parents and children not to join the fight.

    Yesterday in Libya clashed with fighters green Kufri in rats, in which 37 rats were injured. The rolls were brave fighters attacked two checkpoints and killed two rebels on that occasion, and in Wadi Jarefu the Qatari military attacked three cars that were passed down their arms and ammunition. The weapons were confiscated, and the rats were running, liquidated. Activities of Green Army was in El Hadaba and Abu Salim, neighborhoods of Tripoli, which obletali warplanes. In the capital there was a conflict in the region of El Fernaj, and could hear explosions in El Saraj. Support the resistance provided by the women and children who have trampled shameful ratty flag.
    Free Libyans spoke to a few days ago to Dr. Hamza Thomai, who said he knows that the rebels come from Jordan and Lebanon to Libya, and the rats want him to die and to catch him and kill him. He added that the GREEN Resistance sons of Muammar Qaddafi, and that this transition phase is organized by Saif. Circulating the news that Khamis Gaddafi, son of leader Muammar Gaddafi, is alive . We certainly know that Khamis is still alive. Namely, one Zintanac told the television station that Khamis was in Libya.

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    11:05 AM

    BAGHDAD - published in "The integrity of electronic" by
    Asad said Ambah Aboqilh journalist and author Libby independent in a press statement to the newspaper "minimum electronic home" that Muammar Gaddafi raises a lot of controversy between the Libyans alive and dead.

    And detect the presence of Gaddafi, now in Ivory Coast and in good health, and pointed out that the King Chevy Jean Gervais King of Balls in Ivory Coast, received a telephone call from the king of kings of Africa's traditional Muammar Gaddafi tells him he is fine and in good health and very happy and will visit him soon.

    It is worth mentioning that King Jean Gervais was in charge of overseeing the Gaddafi hold forums for regional kings, sultans, princes, sheikhs and mayors of Africa.

    Gaddafi is alive and in good health

    Date de publication: 04/09/2012
    Kadhafi est bien vivant et a téléphoné le Roi du Royaume de boules (en Côte-d’Ivoire), a déclaré
    As’ad Ambah Aboqilh journaliste et auteur indépendant libyen dans un communiqué de presse exclusivement pour le “Pays du Monde”, un journal. Il semble être Mouammar Kadhafi soulève beaucoup de controverse entre les Libyens vivant et «mort». Nouvelles-scène (sources libyennes) rapporte que tout au long de la Libye il ya des nouvelles circulent très largement parmi les Libyens ordinaires, qui révèle l’information que le roi Chevy Jean Gervais roi de boules, en Côte-d’Ivoire, a dit qu’il avait reçu un appel téléphonique du Roi des Rois de Afrique. Traditionnel Mouammar Kadhafi lui dit qu’il est beau et en bonne santé et très heureux, et lui rendra visite bientôt. Il est à noter que le roi Jean Gervais était en charge de Kadhafi Balacharf, organiser des forums sur les rois régionales, sultans, princes, cheikhs et des maires de l’Afrique.

    Commentaire par theorbo1 | 9 Avril 2012 | Réponse

    King Jean Gervais Gaddafi was responsible for regional fora Balacharf out between the Kings, Sultans, Princes, Sheikhs and Mayors of Africa.
    "King Jean Gervais was in charge of overseeing the Gaddafi hold Balacharf forums for regional kings, sultans, princes, sheikhs and mayors of Africa."

    القذافي على قيد الحياة ويتمتع بصحة جيدة
    الصحيفة المركزية للمجلس الأعلى الاسلامي العراقي

    Muammar has been 99% of the time safe within Libya, even after Libya fell in August 2011... fighting on the Front Lines with Khamis ---greater than a field marshall--just think of his dedication and perseverence. Still, in May 2012 he desired to go with his Army to visite King Chevy Jean Gervais King of Balls in Ivory Coast.

    Muammar al-Qathafi, Our Brother leader who is the Commander of the Libyan Jamahiriya Green Resistance, with Senussi–taken between 14:00 and 16:00
    Somewhere in the desert. PHOTO BY ADIL NAJI

    Mathaba News Network
    LYBIA:The battle of Tripoli.
    Continues tha action of the Green Fighters in the capital city of Tripoli,this morning the Green Army have attacked the Rats on El Hadaba zone (near the Sidi Hoceine cemetary) (sourcehida Yawme 17 fibrayr Fi Libya) VIVA THE JAMAHIRIYA ! , VIVA THE GREEN HEROS of the RESISTANCE !
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    فلتذهب الكلاب الي جيفتها
    فلتذهب الكلاب الي جيفتها اسد الصحراء.. طبت حيآ وشهيدآ سيدي القائد

    Dogs can go to Giftha Lion of the Desert .. Alive and blessed martyr, Mr. Commander

    Dr. Hamza Thomai said yesterday that “our dead Brother” is coming “ !
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