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A Corrupt Currency Creates a Corrupt Society...

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After years of consideration and thought, I eventually came to the obvious conclusion that every single human being shares a common connection through the currency in which populations accept as legal tender. Using this premise, it becomes painfully obvious in understanding why there is so much corruption and deceit in our world today, as the World Reserve Currency, the US Dollar, is corrupt and deceitful at the most fundamental level. When the currency in which is trusted as the reserve currency of the world is based on lies and corruption, the users of the currency will inevitably be more prone to committing injustice upon one another. One could describe it as the trickle down effect, but in regards to morality of the people. How are citizens of the world suppose to have an honest and genuine society when the currency the world trusts as honest money is anything but trustworthy!

Upon adopting the understanding that a corrupt currency is directly responsible for the corrupt society we currently live within, I have had many epiphanies that have deeply disturbed my own mental health. I saw the corruption everywhere, and it caused my own endless pain to see my brothers and sisters unaware of why such injustices were occurring and nothing was ever changing. The most troubling of all to me was the link between the Western World's Foreign Policy and the global monetary system. The lives of my friends, family, and fellow human beings have all been severely mislead, as the truth behind the curtain is an ugly one in which few dare to speak against with such clarity and focus, for the fear of what may result leaves many of us paralyzed.

Initially, my new understandings left me with a hatred for the creators of such a system, and I thought that if only they were stopped, everything would be better in the world. However, the more pain I put upon myself by trying to change the external world, the more I began to realize that the only thing I can actually control were my own thoughts and feelings. I began to realize that the words that I said provoked predictable responses, as when I spoke with hatred and anger, I received hate and anger in response to the information I was providing.

So now here I am, a 23 year old sitting behind a MacBook, speaking my mind because I can no longer sit back and be apart of such a world. I will not idly sit back and watch the men, women, and children all around the world suffer at the whims of the few, cleverly hidden behind emotionally charged words to fool the public. It has been pushed to such an extreme that the words that I say gravely understate the importance of what I am trying to communicate. For every moment that passes, the suffering that has laid its hands upon this world haunts my consciousness, but even moreso to those who do not understand why the world is such a nightmare.

The men, women, and children who sign up to protect not only America but the world do so with the understanding that they are willing to risk their own lives to protect the freedom and equality for all in the world. Families all around the world have suffered for thousands of years because the gun has always been the primary way of resolving issues, but I insist that ideas are more powerful than weapons can ever be.

This is not just for the people of America, but the citizens all around the world. For we are all interconnected with one another in the current times, like it or not. Those who have laid everything on the line in the past are the reason why we are able to have such a discussion today, and we owe it to our ancestors, but more importantly to ourselves to stand up and take our power back.


Article this passage comes from found on my blog.