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Congressional Insider Trading - Grassroots project to clean out Congressional corruption.

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[QUOTE=tangent4ronpaul;3742838]CBS just gave us a gift with it's report on the show 60 Minutes last night. It's the number 1 story on Google news and spreading like wildfire. This is going to piss people off as much as CEO salaries. We need to gather some "value added" info, and post in comments sections of these articles as well as write letters to the editor, etc. What's most important is that we keep it local and relevant to YOUR congress critters!

Here is the transcript of the show:

Here is what we need YOU to do:
1) Look up your local congress critter and determine what committees they are on.
2) Do the same for what legislation they have introduced that benefits specific companies and industries.
3) Look up your critters financial disclosure information and major campaign donations from industries they oversee.
4) Correlate the info from steps 1-3 into a really damning info-bomb and start dropping it in the comments sections of your local paper's version of this story. Call reporters, write letters to the editor, call into talk shows, etc. If you have a local liberty candidate, mention them as a on-corrupt alternative for next election.

Work with others to collect this information. You can start a thread in the stategroups on RonPaulForums or on Facebook.

I'm away from my bookmarks, so if anyone has links to the best places to find the above info, please post it in this thread.

Remember that the entire country wants to kick the bums out of Congress, but also thinks their critter is the exception. We need to convince people that their critter is corrupt too and needs to go.

On a national level we could put a shot over the bow of the Grinch's and Bachman's campaigns, and Romney, Perry, Huntsman and Cain also probably had access to insider information via time in office and may also be vulnerable. If we can drag any of them into this scandal, it's a huge win for us!

Ya all have homework! - lets hit um while it's HOT!


ps: this broadcast/story is giving Pelosi kiniption fits. She's one of the wealthiest members of Congress.[/QUOTE]