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Ron Paul needs $4.2 million by the end of November

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Whats the old fashion way? Laying bed with big corporations and special "groups?"

Ya, we are just about all Ron's got when it comes to rolling in money. Most of us don't have much, but RON has NUMBERS. He has ALL of us. We make a formidable team against the enemy MSM and big corporate Americka. They are hoping to rule with fascism under the disguise of "helping the helpless" We believe freedom is the answer,and want to rule our own lives.

We need to work very hard on raising as much as possible at these moneybombs. We also need to be more creative and find other ways to connect with potential voters and donors. We NEED more community outreach, that is something that EACH person here could get involved with, no excuses.

I would make it my goal to give Ron 4.25 million, and stop hoping the campaign relys on "old fashion." We are the Ron Paul movement. Ron Paul is just a guy...