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Reaching out to other Christians with Ron Paul's "Just War Theory" with a new video!

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promote this, give this to any friends you have who are christians or who you think will like the video.Post it on facebook, twitter and facebook pages of all sorts that you think will benefit Ron Pauls voice of reason to be heard on this theory and principle.


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    have u ever really done any research on the so called holly bible damn they have rewrote it and changed so much over the years theres not to much holly about it and god is not a name but a title elom many gods which do you pray to it should be the creatores name yhwh they spoke with the constanits and spoke with the vols YAHWEH the unpronouncible name and his son yahoshua the savoir jesus is a combination of 2 pagon name es sex god and sus the war god of greece hell the j's werent even around till the 14th century and lord look it up means worship of baal which is the worship of the bull the devil and whats right out in front of wall street a big bull think about it and christianity was taken after saul later became paul boy friend christian and the girls found him repulsive so he liked boys and thats were it came to be that the preist had to be selibit and we all know how that turned out in the catholic church dont we. constatine got together all the religions in the vast area he had conquered and wanted to combine them all together to make it easer to control his masses sunday is because constatines favorite goddest was the sun god so there u have it easter from the goddest estar the fertilitie god and rabbite can multiply fast and of coarse the egg where life starts there u have it easter all these things are so pagon this is the new babylon 2nd corr 4-4 no that satan is the king of this world 2nd lie will make the 1st lie a childs toy there is no true church on this planet all you people that still pray to the god or jesus or lord are praising the devil and will have no salvation it took me years of research and many different religions before i was woke up to the real name of the creatore YAHWEH many mascilinity and feminem both man and woman may the creatore watch over ron paul the saint he has sent to undo the devils deeds and hopefully wake up to real issue;s a nation full of sheep breeds a government full of wolfs