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Voluntary Man

Traditional Republican Primary Voters: 5 Things to Remember

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Traditional Republican Primary Voters: 5 Things to Remember

1) The media has no interest in Republicans nominating a candidate who can beat Obama. so, when they start hyping certain candidates, and tell you that others can't win, why do you believe them?

2) When other Republicans tell you to help nominate candidate X, because candidate Y "can't win," they are a) just parroting the media (and, yes, fellow Republicans, even your beloved Fox News is just the false alternative) or b) just pimping their own preferred candidate.

3) Party primaries are not general elections. The primary is not the time to hold your nose and take one for the team. The primary is when you get to choose who best represents the ideals of American liberty, your own best hopes for your country, and who you would most like to become president. It is NOT the time to knuckle under, to kowtow to the party establishment, or to buy into doomsday scenarios about what'll happen to the party/country if your preferred candidate is actually nominated/elected.

4) It isn't a beauty contest. If you're a woman, and you're planning on voting for the candidate you'd most like to father your children, please do your country a service, and don't vote. If you're a man, and you intend to vote for the fella who most "looks the role," please remember that you're not some flamboyant Hollywood casting director, or please just sit this one out.

Remember two of the Republican party's most revered giants, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln was a gawky, homely man, with a voice like a rusty door hinge. TR was a short, asthmatic man with a nasaly voice, who had been a scrawny, nerdy, sickly boy.

Forget media image. Reagan may have established a Hollywood prototype for subsequent candidates, but, as much as the party establishment claims to long for another Reagan, they mis-remember him: Reagan was a president who focused on national defense, not military aggression, who disengaged our troops from the Middle East, who wanted to abolish entire departments of the federal govt, and who called libertarian philosophy "the heart of conservatism."

The current GOP establishment doesn't want Reagan; they want the Reagan image, a media-friendly pitchman for their foreign wars of corporate profiteering and national bankruptcy -- domestic liberty and national longevity be damned.

So, ignore your handlers, and vote substance over style, if just this once, or do us all a favor, and just stay home.

5) American Conservatism was always about preserving the ideals upon which our country was founded. Ask yourself: when did conservatism get redefined as support for perpetual military expansionism and support for shrinking civil liberties at home? Do you remember when this happened? Don't you remember that, during the Cold War, military expansionism and domestic police-states were what the other guys did? That was Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, or Hitler's Germany, but definitely NOT the American Way. Remember when someone used to say something unpopular, then someone else would say, "well, it's a free country"? How come no one says that, anymore? Why did you let politicians and lobbyists redefine "conservatism" for you?

Foreign militarism and a domestic police-state were NOT the ideals upon which this country was founded! If they could, our founding fathers would crawl out of their cold graves and bitch slap every one of us, for ever tolerating the current state of affairs. Of course, it was sold to you in less objectionable terms ("pro-military" and "pro-law-n-order"), but its the definitions that matter, not the linguistic lingerie; after all, a pig in a negligee is still a pig.

There's only one man in this race brave enough to tell the American people the truth, and to call a pig a "pig." Ron Paul is the only man in this race that deserves your support, and he needs it.

Vote for the Constitution! Vote for America! Vote for the ONLY real conservative in this contest! Vote for Ron Paul!