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NFL wants Pat-Downs from Ankles up at all Stadiums

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I wanted to blog about this because it is basically about me. Yes, I work Private Security at a stadium. Let me first say that I think the pat-down policy is $#@!ing retarded. There is no plainer way to put it than the fact that this policy, in my humble opinion, increases the risks posed to all the people (security, NFL personnel, customers et al). I won't say how, but if you think about what a terrorist supposedly does, it shouldn't take a stretch of the imagination to realize having a whole passel of people in a relatively small area at the same time is $#@!ing retarded. I've done the pat-downs before and I $#@!ing hated them. You're goddamn hotter than Satan's groin, having to not be a jackass when checking someone to make sure they don't have something proscribed.

Unlike TSA $#@!tards, I don't have a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. If I do something stupid (sexually assaulting a patron) not only will I be fired, I will be fined by The State. My license will be revoked, I'll be Blacklisted and my name placed in a quarterly periodical showing the names of all the dumbfucks that broke the law while working Security. Then, of course, I'll face jail time on top of being sued probably by the NFL, the Stadium/Team Owner's, my company as well as the patron I potentially molested.

Short of Dr. Paul winning the Presidency and disbanding DHS, the only way to get this policy changed will be boycotting. The NFL couldn't be stupid and the bottom line is all that matters. Yes, I don't like how they caved to DHS. I cannot help but think of Vince the Hooters Guy and the campaign Hooters engaged in the 90s that made the Clinton Administration look like $#@!ing jackasses.

I realize some of you are going to hate me for this. I accept that. However, the simple fact is that I am not a member of the TSA. I don't kowtow to DHS. Those of us working security at these games are not government goons. We get paid about the average rate for private security (ie - $#@!ing low) while donut-munching government goons get paid twice what we do to come and provide 'better security'. So please think about the fact that at least for now, it is actually NOT government security doing this. I can only hope Dr. Paul wins and DHS gets dismantled with extreme prejudice. I can only hope the NFL does away with this pat down policy as the security having to be out front, in my opinion, would be better dispersed throughout, having a double or triple redundancy in some areas.
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