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Is there a mainstream media conspiracy to ignore Ron Paul?

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The question often arises, "is there a media conspiracy against Ron Paul"? Conspiracy is a loaded term, often used as an ad hominem attack to discredit people, so perhaps it is better to take a common sense approach, and focus more on human nature, and less on terminology.

Political entertainers such as Jon Stewart on The Daily Show have made compelling cases that the treatment of Ron Paul is less than fair and balanced. Jon Stewart's commentary on the Iowa Straw Poll results, where Ron Paul virtually tied for first place with Michele Bachmann, yet was ignored by the media, was not an isolated incident, and similar examples are abundant.

The mainstream media, by it's very nature, has a day to day relationship with those who occupy the corridors of power. It is run by huge corporations, and much of it's purpose is reporting on and interacting with politicians, government officials, powerful business interests, and lobby groups. All together, this large group of loosely related people could be labeled "the establishment".

It is not a conspiracy to say that there is an establishment. The establishment is no more or less coordinated and conspiratorial than any other large group. It is made up of individuals, who often have overlapping agendas, mutually beneficial agreements, and back-scratching arrangements. The one thing that a group can instantly unite over is a perceived attack on that group. There is no conspiracy about it, it's just human nature.

For instance, the same dynamics are often found when it comes to race or ethnic relations. Are you in a conspiracy with others that you deem to be the same as you? Is there is secret plan? The answer is no. Do you tend to interact more with that group? Do you tend to share ideas, communicate and work more within your group? The answer to that is probably yes. You meet at family gatherings. At your religious gatherings. At social gatherings. At neighborhood gatherings. At any number of events. And the one thing that will instantly unite a group is a perceived threat. No secret meetings or conspiracies are required.

The establishment knows when it feels it is threatened. They feel threatened by Ron Paul and libertarianism, which could potentially result in a reduction of the massive power structure that has taken centuries to construct. The mainstream media reflects that perceived threat, even though in reality, it is no threat at all. A reduction in the size and scope of government would probably not have a negative effect on the individuals who make up the establishment. Quite the opposite, it would probably be a net positive for them. The perception of a threat, and the predictable reaction is purely visceral.

In answer to the original question, no, there is no mainstream media conspiracy against Ron Paul. It is simple human nature, manifested from the bully pulpit of the mainstream media.


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