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The ineptitude of theFedGov

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The US Postal Service is so deeply in debt that it could default on a $5.5 billion payment for retiree benefits by month’s end.
No surprise there. Total mail volume is down 20 percent from four years ago -- and Americans are mailing stamped envelopes only half as often as they did in 2000.
That’s largely because more than 200 million Americans subscribe to e-mail and other online options, which the Postal Service considers a “disruptive” innovation -- “the primary cause of our revenue shortfall,” says CFO Joe Corbett.
Meanwhile, advertisers now target shoppers online instead of by mail, while just 26 percent of consumers are paying bills with paper checks. Everything’s just easier when you cut out the middleman -- the postman.

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The FedGov cannot even maintain the post office-a duty SPECIFICALLY DELEGATED to it in the CONstitution. How can so many reasonable people trust the Feds to handle much more complicated issues like defense?