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Red Alert! Ron Paul Delegate Training Is Critical!!

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There are many new enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters, but this needs to be translated into viable election results. If you aren't elected as a delegate from caucus, you can't vote for Ron Paul in any of the caucus states. The sooner you and I register as many Ron Paul Republicans as possible, the sooner we restore the republic!

Use this site to train new people to the delegate process, and help spread the word to all the Ron Paul newbies on Facebook! There are many new people on facebook who currently have no idea what this delegate process is all about.

The caucus states are: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nevada, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, Wyoming, Texas, Utah

Original story here from the Daily Paul:
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  1. Roadigger's Avatar
    I am a postal employee is it against the hatch act to become a Delagate in my state of Michigan ?
  2. ninepointfive's Avatar
    I would just become a Delegate anyways, hatch act or not. You have a first amendment if you exercise it. =)