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This has to be one of the top 10 most ignorant posts on RPFs /facepalm

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Who is to say what an Entrepreneur is? The wireless companies were enterprising companies when they were first forged from the breakup of AT&T, now their prices are generally a product of collusion. The infrastructure they use was built on the backs of the taxpayer, and our just reward is a system of $40 text message plans!!!? Where is the outrage in this... do you have any idea how much it costs them to allow you to send texts? The only step left in this world is to start charging us to breathe, because Thor knows we can't communicate without spending money -- we already can't eat, $#@!, drink, sit, $#@!, without the ALMIGHTY dollar. CHARGE MONEY FOR AIR!

Brilliant, I figured out where I'm investing soon... air futures.