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You've Been Ron Paul'd - Viral Marketing Ideal Rick Roll Style

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Ron Paul Needs Our Help And So Do Viral Vidoes Online

Here is my idea and what YOU can do BEFORE elections happen.

Step 1

Make a video about ANYTHING and then either include ron paul related information within the video itself OR make it switch to a ron paul video after about 2-5 seconds into the video.

Step 2

Continune making videos that either do a cut take to a ron paul related video or speech OR something that has ron paul related material within in.

What not to do

don't do anything illegal, anything that misleads, use catchy titles, don't post your videos that you modified or they will get pulled odds are even if they are within the sites tos.

Have fun with it

a couple suggestions

make videos in niches that get a ton of views and an example niche is the cats, kitties, cats funny area. There are so many views it is just well,,,, pitiful....

make some cat videos and lets rick roll america Ron Paul style!

do not do anything against a sites tos when posting or editing videos BUT remember that this election cycle is RON PAUL OR BUST!!!!!!


  1. newyearsrevolution08's Avatar
    Post a comment when you upload a Ron Paul'd video

    just remember do NOT post a link to the video as it odds are will get pulled

    Keep it fun, within the video sites tos and GET TO IT!

    I am trying to get at least 500 videos up a month between myself and a few friends and feel the amount of views possible from that amount of videos each month CAN be very effective.

    We however need your help, make videos and toss some ron paul speeches within the first couple seconds after it starts. Or have your own videos with you wearing ron paul stuff, or signs in the background, or ron paul speech as the audio.