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good running tips :)

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If the heels are hitting too hard, bend your knees more. If the toes are rubbing, curl them up slightly just before your foot lands. I would suggest walking barefoot for several weeks before running. Then run a hundred yards on concrete. Add a hundred yards every two weeks. When you can run a mile on concrete, switch to a rougher surface like old asphalt or gravel. From that point on you can run as much as the soles of your feet will allow.

You really CAN learn to have your feet touch down much more gently by changing your stride.

You are also trying to learn to remove any twist or slide or push-off from your stride. Your foot should plant softly, and lift off without any torque or sliding movement. The soles of your feet will want this because they don't like abrasion and the benefit is that eliminating any twisting or sliding helps your ankles, knees and hips.


  1. showpan's Avatar
    I was taught to run barefoot on the balls of my feet. It not only increased my speed and balance, it also prepares that area to exert the most damage when using your feet to strike with while keeping you injury free.
  2. heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    That's awesome, showpan. I haven't figured out how to do it without getting splinters, but hopefully I'll get it one day.