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Torture did not lead to information about Osama bin Laden's whereabouts

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(Assume for a moment you believe the entire OBL assassination story)

I heard Pawlenty's claims at the May 5 debate that torture led to OBL's whereabouts. I see neo-cons claiming this as if it is true now. It is NOT true! Several reliable sources have claimed that torture played no part in him being located, and more claim it hindered the search. Please don't let people continue to push the meme that torture had anything to do with the recent OBL events.

Experts say torture didn't lead to OBL

Sen Feinstein, chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, says torture didn't lead to OBL

CIA interrogater: Painstaking intelligence, not torture, led to OBL

There's more links if you search around. But somehow the "torture led to OBL" meme keeps growing! Now GWB's lackies are coming out and claiming it was torture to led to OBL.


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