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That wool over your eyes....isn't it itchy?

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It’s hard to know what to believe about the current spectacle that is overtaking the planet today. The whole saga is full of more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Don’t be a spoil sport you say? Okay, the “official” story: A week ago the Navy seals raided a compound in Pakistan, killing Americas most hated man, tested his body for DNA and then cut into the final moments of The Donald’s Apprentice show to make the announcement that Ding Dong the Dick is dead. To honor Muslim practice his body was immediately dumped into the Atlantic.


3 days ago a story ran in the Huffington post that Obama had ordered the military to get serious about finding the guy. So this was supposedly after Obama knew he had been killed? Then within minutes of the announcement there are thousands of people celebrating in Times Square and at the White House with matching USA jerseys and flags in hand. I wish I had been