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They say you want a Revolution

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As fans expected, Ron Paul announced his exploratory committee today in Iowa. After numerous appearances on mainstream shows such as “The View”, “Hannity”, “The Colbert Report”, and “The 700 Club” all creating an online buzz, the announcement comes as no surprise to most of Ron Paul’s supporters. Many have been anticipating the announcement since the 2012 race officially ended. People have been creating materials like stickers, flags, and t-shirts for months, voting in polls and gearing up for what is expected to be a paradigm shifting campaign, bigger, better, and a trillion times (adjusted for inflation) more intense than the race in 08.



  1. Ron Paul 2012's Avatar
    This is great news! Ron Paul has spent the last 4 years intelligently. He is already a household name. He won't have to start from scratch like he did in 2008.