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Legalizing Marijuana

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Feb 6, 2011Legalizing Cannabis says People think we who smoke are useless. Well let me fill you in. I work everyday never miss, never late. I pay my bills, taxes and take care of my own not asking anything from anybody.I am buying my home. raised my children myself and they are living on there own and doing fine.If you walked up to me on the street you would not even know i smoke.I am a pillar of the community and cause harm to no one.What i do in my own home is my own business. Unlike a meth head or crack head who destroys themselves and all around them, they can't hold a job or even care to have one.They are out stealing your belongings to get there next high while your out making a living and going to Meth clinics to get goverment drugs that keep them high for FREE. WTH this is why they don't want it legalized.It would lowered the people in prison and again the goverment would lose money on we the tax payers who pay to keep a stoner in jail.I think i could spend my money on something more useful like protecting our borders and keeping jobs in the United States instead of allowing company's to move overseas and ship there products back over here to sell.We the People in every State need to have a million stoner walk to the White House. See what they think about that.Then again they may have our own military shoot at us stating we are a unruly crowd. How many stoners have you seen ever get loud and obnoxious?