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New Hampshire Democrat bloggers declare Free Staters the winner

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New Hampshire Democrat bloggers declare Free Staters the winner

It feels pretty good to be a free stater in New Hampshire right now. Dozens of pro-liberty bills have made it through either the NH House or the NH Senate. I commented on a few of the bills here. Five recent blog posts by Democrats explain how free staters won NH. On top of that, there was even an Op-Ed in the only state-wide paper in NH about how the horrible free staters worked with the awful tea party folks to make NH a radical and extreme state.

Are these Democrats correct? Well, what does the truth matter? Feel free to take their opinions, backed up with almost no facts and full of logic fallacies, as gospel.

Colin Van Ostern, A Democratic blogger for New Hampshire Business Review wrote a wonderful blog post titled Wake up, New Hampshire business leaders. In the blog, column or whatever it is called, no offense to Colin, Colin explained that "given the choice between more students graduating from high school or happy Free Staters who simply oppose any government regulations at all, the Legislature is choosing the Free Staters." There you go folks, Colin says that the Legislature chose to do what Free Staters want.

Sure, I could try to argue all of the inaccuracies in the blog post, but why bother. Colin called it; Free Staters won.

There were four recent blog posts on Blue Hampshire, the most popular progressive/statist blog in the Live Free or Die state, that spread the message of the Free State Project taking over NH.

Dean Barker recently wrote a blog post titled, of all thing, The Free State Takeover of the Republican Party. To quote Dean, "The damage done to New Hampshire over the past three months by elected Free Staters - masquerading as Republicans on the ballot - and their like minded Koch Bros' AFP, Tea People, 'Liberty' allies has been extraordinary to behold." Dean continues with, "The new Free State-Republican hybrid species is complete." Oh wow, a new species. I didn't know there would be a science lesson.

Larry Drake wrote a blog titled, A clear statement of Free State philosophy. The post is about how the Free State philosophy was "adopted by the Republican majority." Larry informs us that, "To Free Staters, the social safety net that has been created in our country, going back at least to the New Deal under FDR, is completely wrong."

Another Blue Hampshire post by Chaz Proulx explains how the Free State Project founder's vision is "Now...a reality in the making." Not to be outdone, Lucy Edwards, reminds Blue Hampshire readers that the Free State Project is connected to the Koch brothers.

Finally, Mike and Anne Wilber explain in the Union Leader that since Republican Gov. Craig Benson welcomed free staters to NH, a lot of damage has been done. A great deal has changed because of free staters according to the couple. "We are now a state that doesnít think that children should have to go to school. We donít think that air should be clean; we donít think that the public needs to be notified of important legislation. We think that giving smokers 10 cents off a pack of cigarettes is more important than giving medication to people with mental illness.

We think that 'defective' people should be sterilized; we think that college students are too stupid to be allowed to vote; we think that any criminal from anywhere should be able to come to our state to buy a gun."

Is almost every part of the Op-Ed by Mike and Anne inaccurate? Does it even matter? Some people don't understand what the Free State Project is about; and, they would rather use all forms of hyperbole and irrational language then clearly examine the facts about the FSP and what is happening in the Granite State. It isn't hard to see through the hyperbole to the underlining factor - fear. Bloggers, Please continue as this is excellent publicity for the FSP.

BTW, I'm registered undeclared like 40% of New Hampshire voters.

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