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Government Shutdown: Who is buying this theatrical farce?

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Let's call it like it is: the controversy surrounding the government shutdown is pure theater, being performed by the establishment Democrats and Republicans. There is no substance. The always convenient red herrings are being called upon to shift the debate, and to distract and mislead. This is not about abortion or woman's health.

The establishment Republicans and Democrats have proposed nearly identical budgets. There is no substantial difference in the spending. But they want to pretend there is a difference. They want to put on a show for the American public. So they create a phony battle over abortion and Planned Parenthood, pretending that there is some great difference between their positions.

Do not be fooled: there is no difference in their positions. So what do they agree upon besides having identical budget and spending proposals?

They agree that they can fool the majority of Americans, and divert them into a fake drama. They also agree that they can blame this on the true reformers, the few true fiscally responsible people, some of whom may be referred to as "Tea Party" members; the people who might propose significant solutions to our fiscal crisis. The establishment does not want any spending cuts, as this is their gravy train, and they do not want it stopped.

So what is their objective? A fabricated battle, that may very well include a government shutdown. Then, after much gnashing of teeth, and emotional outbursts, a "compromise" will be reached. A false compromise which maintains the status quo of ever-increasing spending and fiscal irresponsibility. At least their gravy train will keep rolling.

And we can not forget the red herrings. The Democrat establishment will claim that they stood up for women's rights and abortion. The Republican establishment will claim that they fought hard for spending cuts. And their respective constituencies will have warm and fuzzy feelings, along with the relief of avoiding this contrived crisis. If it really works out as planned, there will also be a negative feeling about anything related to "Tea Party".

Isn't it ironic that a celebrated term in American history such as "Tea Party", which represents standing up to oppressive government and it's taxation policies, is now being actively attacked by the establishment politicians? Then again, maybe that is not ironic at all.