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Jesse Ventura gets Whoppie Goldberg to rethink her "view"

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Remember that Whoopie was the one that called the "opt out day" organizers who were protesting the naked body scanners terrorists. Note that she didn't dare call Ventura a terrorist for suing the TSA and wanting to get rid of the Department of Homeland inSecurity. Why? Because Jesse Ventura documented in his book that how people who call out government tyranny are NOT conspiracy theorists! They are conspiracy REALISTS! Some people here want to continue indefinitely playing patty cake with the new world order, being scared of your shadow and being scared to come out and say what deep down you know is the truth because you don't want to be labeled a "kook" or because you've drunk enough of the NWO kool aid that you actually believe the truth is "kooky". But it wasn't a well reasoned libertarian argument that got Whoopie to take a different position, at least temporarily, on the federal government. It was documenting just how evil this government already is. I look forward to ordering and reading my copy of Ventura's book. And when I'm done with it I'll leave it somewhere for someone else. Perhaps I'll leave it at the airport. I wonder if doing that will get me on the no fly list?

Oh yeah, what about "The View" giving every member of their audience a copy of Ventura's book? How about dem apples?