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NH State House protesters blame freestaters for less government spending

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State House protesters blame Free State Project participants for smaller government and personal responsibility in New Hampshire. Here is a run down of what happened at the NH State House on 3-31-11. The NH House passed the budget. House Bill 1 called for a 10% reduction in government spending, possibility the largest reduction in government spending in the history of the NH House. During and after the budget debate protests happened outside the State House.

At one point, union government firefighters started shouting and chanting in the NH House gallery. The Speaker did what any Speaker of the House would do; he had the very rude and disruptive government workers removed from the gallery. As one of the government workers was removed from the gallery, he shouted, "keep blowing the free staters." As in, he was saying that the NH State House Representatives are sexually pleasuring Free State Project participants. It is true that around 14 FSP participants are State Reps in NH but I doubt the Speaker of the House or anyone else in leadership is performing heterosexual or homosexual acts on them. This happened at 3:14 in this video from

Inside the capital a lady held a sign that said LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICANS ARE Killing N.H. The man she was with held a sign that said Libertarians + FreeStaters GO HOME. When confronted by a Libertarian Party member, the man admitted that libertarians are OK but he shouted down FSP participants.

Democratic Governor Lynch came out of his office and talked to them while the press took video and photos.

Later in the day, former NH State Senator Maggie Hassan (former because she lost in the 2010 election) gave a speech at the teacher's union protest in front of the State House. She indicated that some people implied that some of the protesters were from other states. (It is true, some protesters actually lived in MA, VT and NY and they proudly mentioned where they lived with shouting, chanting and signs.) She then mentioned how some of the people in House Speaker O'Brien's tea party caucus (something she made up as no such caucus exists) haven't been here (in New Hampshire) very long. The crowd cheered. I did not use quotes as I was paraphrasing her anti-FSP participant remarks. Ms. Hassan, I will not bow down to your divisiveness nor will I be intimidated by you!

To stay informed on NH state politics just check the relevant section of Liberty Forest.

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