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Skin: Not the Oppressive Tyrant You May Think!

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One of the most frequent questions I receive as founder of the illustrious Anarcho-Fascist movement is "how can you call yourself a Discordian when you have skin?" I admit I do indeed don my skin, as evil its intent may be, and it's not just because it permits my entire self to facilitate more chaos in the future...

Skin, as you probably know, keeps all of your organs, fat, water, heat, blood, etc. inside and prevents those sheltered energy vessels from interactions with the outside world. Skin is a restrictive, oppressive barrier preventing our own body from doing as it pleases and spewing out onto the ground. The skin, you see, is a tyrant which will not rest until it has stripped your physical self of all dignity. Your water begs to be let out; to join forces with gravity and interact with all in its way - but the skin, in a most sadistically unsympathetic manner bellows "NO!" "NO, FAT, YOU WILL NOT EXIT THIS INDIVIDUAL - YOU SHALL ENJOY NO DIGNITY! NO, HEAT, I WILL CONTAIN YOU! WE ARE WHOLE! OBEY!"

However, consider that skin itself is a force - meaning it has inherent chaos in it as it interacts with its environment. It barks orders at our organs, bending them to its will, and the organs, skin, heat, etc. resist. They bend the skin (and otherwise transfer energy) in return. Every chance they get, they try to decompress.

So, instead of thinking of skin as a force of order, recognize the chaos which is created by its existence. Much like the ineffective bureaucracy, while its intent it to maintain order, it creates chaos as it interacts with other forces and ultimately results in increased transfer of energy.