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The Gospel of Chaos: Freedom & Morality

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Chaos is life. Chaos is all the variables which makes us human. Without Chaos, we would function as typical unintelligent animals. However, what separates us from animals is our ability to ignore our instincts -- Chaos. Without Chaos, life would be robotic and meaningless. With Chaos, however, we move beyond the drudgery of animalism, the dehumanizing repression of government, and recognize freedom as THE fundamental necessity for a purposeful life.

There is an unfortunate (and incorrect) association with Chaos and evil activity. However, I intend to prove Chaos is almost always good. When you think of Chaos, what comes to mind? Murder, looting, rape? These activities may seem Chaotic, but consider what Chaos is. Chaos is life and freedom -- a maximum exercise of free will. Murder involves the death of a human being, ceasing his ability to create variables through acting, thus reducing Chaos in the world. Looting dehumanizes the fellow looted from; takes away his inherent privilege of ownership, discouraging him from continuing to act as much as before, thus reducing Chaos. Same thing with rape - it's dehumanizing and takes away many inherent privileges for the victim. The most chaotic action then is that which maximizes life, freedom, and dignity. Of course then, in some cases, murder is the most Chaotic action, but also the most good as it stops agents of Order from oppressing and killing.

Perhaps it is not Chaos which should be considered to lean toward Evil, but Order. Consider over one-million have died while the US Government has occupied Iraq attempting to ensure Order exists in the region. They seek repression of the Iraqis, Afghanis, Egyptians, Pakistanis, etc., but people are naturally inclined toward Chaos, and they will not tolerate an occupational government which restricts their freedoms. Whether or not people the USG deems "terrorists" are Chaotic or Orderly would depend entirely on why they committed their acts of terror and the results. Did they kill citizen actors, or agents of Order who seek to oppress citizen actors?

It isn't all about the acting you are directly doing, however, which needs to be taken into account. We enlightened agents of Chaos have a moral responsibility to facilitate Chaos as well as act on the Chaos within us. We must get the down-trodden up, encourage the ambitious, and destroy our governments.

In Eris' name, amen.

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