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minarchist naivete

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Well, absolutely the movement is more prominent than at any other time in modern history. Just compare the number of appearances of Ron and Rand Paul on cable and broadcast news, and non-Liberty blogs and news sites now versus 2 years ago. Andrew Napolitano has his own TV show! Even Glenn Beck, of all people, is borrowing Ron's talking points. If heat produces light, in the media landscape the opposite is also true: light produces heat. As our ideas are more and more in the spotlight, friction and pushback from our opponents will only increase. The attention we're getting should be encouraging not discouraging.

As to questioning our goals, look, I enjoy a bit of omphaloskepsis as much as the next fellow, but rest assured that the goals of advancing freedom and Constitutional government are the right fight to have, and what's more, in the long game, we're winning!
I find this sort of thing^^ saddening to see, but I predict that such delusions will eventually be painfully, obviously destroyed