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Ron Paul is a Republican

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Get involved and shape the Republican party so that we can get him or someone like him nominated. That is about the size of the problem and the solution. It takes people doing the work of building the party and electing people of principle to make even a Ron Paul effective once elected. Plenty of work todo methinks! I wrote a piece on this forum in 2007 called 'Mirroring the Republican Party'. I would like to change the title now and call it 'Being the Republican Party'.

We have made great progress, but clearly we have more work to do -- so please hang in there!

If the Republican Party is going to keep the RINOs and Neocons involved, let's make sure we make the Conservatives and Paleocons and Libertarians feel welcomed in this big tent. I believe that Ron Paul has given us a winning message, but it is up to you and I to hold onto ground in the Republican Party so that real people of principle can rise to the top and be our party's nominee for President.

Sandra Crosnoe
Precinct Chair
Washington County in Oklahoma

co-founder of R3publicans (or Republicans Restoring the Republic)