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<Honored to be Among You>

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Two years ago I joined this site with the handle "ForLiberty-RonPaul". My inspiration for that choice came from this video.

YouTube - Ron Paul Files in Concord, NH Part 1

YouTube - Ron Paul Files in Concord, NH Part 2

After 30+ years of championing the Constitution, it was as if in this moment Ron Paul signed his Life, his Fortune, and his Sacred Honor to the r3VOLution. I was awed by his humility and strength, wisdom and courage, and his honesty and gentleness.

A period of personal introspection and evaluation had already been ongoing in my life, but this video was key in showing me that the person I wanted to be is in every way compatible with the world around me. Here, finally, was a 21st century very real and tangible example of how to engage in life and be a positive force for yourself and those around you. For too long I had allowed self-destructive tendencies and attachments to rule my actions. I wanted to do good, but found that almost everything I engaged in resulted in negativity. There was a gap or lack of understanding as to why.

That gap was self-knowledge. The type of knowledge that can only be experienced by the internal observer.

Everyone who has spent time working in the r3VOLution has seen, at one time or another, someone's actions, although well intentioned, result in negativity. It is simply the current state of humanity which dictates that not everything we do will be a positive force in the universe. However, I do not hold to the supposition that mankind is inherently evil.

And so it is with Ron Paul. A man who has devoted his entire life to bringing human beings into the world and defending their inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Although I will most likely never be a doctor or politician, I will follow Ron Paul, just as he has followed those that came before him, in the long, but finite, struggle for the Freedom of all mankind. And when it is time, I will step up and accept my duty to myself, my family, and for the rights of all men.

Wars, bloodshed, riots, and political strife may pollute our external world during our lives. Never forget, though, that the true r3VOLution occurs in our hearts. The physical world of man is simply his internal struggle externalized.

If you change a heart, you change the world.

I encourage all r3VOLutionaries to look within themselves to see what is truly there. Love? Hate? Vanity? Jealousy? Fear? Negativity is ignorance, and ignorance is your own personal tyranny. It tells you how to act, how to talk, how to think, and what to feel. You will never see a world without tyrants until you release your own.

My purpose in this life is "For Liberty", inside and out. My name is Nathan and I'm honored to be counted among you.

For Liberty,
Nathan D
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