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Ron Paul CPAC win

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I made a thread for this post on the Ron Paul 2012 board, but it applies here also. Something I realized while at CPAC was that the neoconservatives are scared to death of us. Their entire reality is built around scarcity and fear. The natural behavior that comes out of this pessimistic belief system is the need to control everything around them, US citizens through laws, the economy through regulation, foreign nations through force and murder. They gain even more control through manipulation of the mass media as we can clearly see by the negative reaction to Ron Paul's straw poll success. I don't believe there's a conspiracy or some kind of agreed upon plan by a select few high up people in the media to do everything possible to marginalize Ron Paul. I do believe however that most of the people that are employed by the media, the individuals themselves are out to trash Ron. They do this because their entire reality feels threatened. It's a level of such pain and suffering that feels as if you're about to die, and the only recourse is to lash out in order to protect your reality from collapsing down around you.

These media employees are reacting to the poll results in the same way that the neocons at the event itself were acting. They felt threatened by our large presence at CPAC. Everywhere I walked while I was at CPAC, I could see young kids wearing C4L, YAL and Ron Paul buttons on their shirts. It was impossible for any neocon to miss the message we delivered to them at this event. We let them know that their time is coming to an end, that they are a dying breed, that we, the younger generation will gradually infest their organizations and multiply eventually taking control of their entire system.

They know this and they are afraid. Their behavior and reaction to us at CPAC gave us an inside look at what's going on in their heads. Their entire reality is threatend and in jeapardy because of us. They feel their tight control loosening and slipping away from them, making them feel helpless and vulnerable, causing them to lash out at us with name calling, boos, negative news stories. I have never in my life seen such pathetic and desperate behavior from a group of adults. In my opinion, Donald Trump's attack on Ron blew up in his face. His attack came across to me as desperation shielded by a fake showing of confidence. They know they're in trouble. They tried to ignore us during Ron Paul's last presidential run. That strategy has failed and now they're scared and in reactive fight or flight mode because they see the movement that's growing up around them and closing in on them. We have to continue on with this fight until the end! And with that, I leave you with a quote you all know well...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi


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