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Tax Resistance Too Slow to Topple the USG? Go On Welfare.

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In my last post, I argued the USG is coming to a collapse and discussed the benefits of a specific strain of Agorism I call "Anarcho-Fascism" which promotes a government with mechanisms in place to reward dissenters (black marketeers, tax resisters, and slackers) and punish loyalists (tax-payers and corporations). In the United States, our government already has such a system in place. Unfortunately, many libertarians refuse to use such a system against the USG because of an "ends don't justify the means" idealist mentality. However, I want you to have enough faith in your beliefs to make the leap to practical thinking, understanding going on Welfare is not only a rational decision, but a decision which, if enough people realize it, will topple the USG with the least amount of effort and greatest amount of expediency. In this post, I will discuss the benefits of USG Welfare, viability of living solely off Welfare, and try to convince you to go on Welfare.

Tax resistance is most likely (certain) to work when you do not have legal employment or assets in your name, in which case you will also receive maximum benefits. I have gone through the numbers assuming you are in my current situation of no legal employment living or assets in your name with one other person in your house in the same circumstances. I will use data I have collected on our expenses to show living on Welfare is viable if you live frugally. FWIW, we live in Pennsylvania.

First, let's look at the income (annually) from Welfare:
Tax "Refund" - $11,400
Food Stamps (can only be used for food) - $4,410
LIHEAP (can only be used for heating -- because we use the same energy source, it also covers our water heating and stove running costs): $800
  • Health insurance which kicks my private insurance's ass (my $20 copays would be $6 under Medicaid). (family coverage typically costs upwards of $10,000)
  • Heating component replacement/maintenance up to $1,700 annually
  • Cash assistance if you can prove unemployability (or attend a 30 hour/week employment program) or if you have a child <13 is $2,460 annually

Total annual coverage (excluding medical insurance benefits, assuming you don't take advantage of LIHEAP component benefits, nor take cash assistance): $16,610

Here's a breakdown of our monthly expenses:
Groceries $95.31
Household Items $50.93
Electricity $31.50
Nat. Gas $19.81
Alcohol $101.62
cigs $25.56
Eating Out $6.99
Taxes $200.00
Water & Sewage $46.33
Waste Removal $16.00
Internet/phone $30.05
Gas (normalized) $10
(Total: $634.30)
x12, our annual expenses are $7,611.60
If we removed alcohol & cigs from the budget, our annual expense would be $6085.44

You'll note we have no mortgage. Assuming a $425/mo mortgage payment, our total annual expenses would be $12,711.60

Now let's take into account the benefits we don't use (summarized):
Intake - $12,781.44 (+ $3,266.28 in donations to private local food banks)
Outgo - $7,611.60
Profit - $5,169.84

As you can see, we'd have plenty of cushion to "upgrade" the items in our life as needed and be able to deal with major problems. Taking off-the-record side-jobs, profit would be significantly higher and you'd be able to live quite comfortably.

If you're on-board with Anarcho-Fascism already, I think taking this next step will be easy for you provided you're comfortable with living fairly frugally. However, if you're unwilling to take Welfare, I'd like for you to consider the practical outcomes of your actions. If you pay taxes, you support the US Government. If you do not, you force the US Government to try to go on without your contribution. If you do not take Welfare, the US Government is not affected. If you do take Welfare, the US Government must try to bring in more revenue or face collapse. - And consider if Anarcho-Fascism became popular where more people made the rational decision to stop supporting the government and instead take its hand-outs. If you believe in any type of rational economics, you can see how quickly this would lead to the USG either dismantling its Welfare state or collapsing. Practically, there is no downside to this, and it frees you up to commit to liberty activism 24/7. - So, if you agree with me on that, all left to get over is your ego.

A footnote - I'm confused as to why a food bank exists. Why aren't these homeless people on Welfare? Are they really too lazy to fill out the forms and meet with a case worker?


  1. brandon's Avatar
    Interesting read as always kuldgedog. But $425/month mortgage? Are you going to take a mortgage on 400 sq foot 1 room apt in the hood? I spend about $30,000 a year by myself. Id much prefer keeping this standard of living than drastically scaling back my life and going on welfare. I guess I'm more of an objectivist about these things. I'm looking for the way to maximize my own personal comfort and enjoyment, regardless of if that means I contribute money to a government that hurts people.

    also lmao at spending more on alcohol than food.

    PS Foodbanks often serve the mentally ill and drug addicts. The Mentally ill probably lack a permanent address which makes getting your checks rather difficult. And drug addicts might be on welfare, but spend their whole check on drugs and are left with no money for food.
    Updated 02-11-2011 at 06:31 PM by brandon
  2. Kludge's Avatar
    $425'd be ~$60-80k 30-yr mortgage, which's a fairly large home if you aren't in the city, but I get your point.

    And yeah, I lol'd the when I first realized how much we spend on alcohol -- and we buy the cheapest of the cheap stuff :x
    Updated 02-12-2011 at 07:17 AM by Kludge
  3. Kludge's Avatar
    Edit: Too late to edit, but I left out house insurance, and property taxes. House insurance is ~$550/yr, $600/yr car insurance, property taxes $2400/yr. TANF for three (or one pregnant), however, is a bit over $200/month, so $2400/yr in additional revenues, $3550/yr in annual expenses not factored in.