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Corporatism Romney’s Achilles' heel

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Corporatism Romney’s Achilles heel

Obama has clearly shown us, “Some businesses are more Equal than others”, such as opt out for certain businesses for Obamacare, no bid contracts for GE, bailouts for the insurance companies, motor companies, banks, and the list goes on.

Corporatism is engaged by nearly all statist members of the republican and democratic parties. Of the presidential front runners in the GOP, corporatism plays a major role in their philosophies.

Romney who is currently the GOP frontrunner, will likely engage in corporatism far greater than Obama. Masscare (Romneycare) with its individual mandate, which in Romney’s own words “proves how tough he is on deadbeats who won’t pay their own way.”. Romney will say in his defense that it was not a US government mandate, but a state bipartisan decision, thus not making it unconstitutional. No matter how Romney spins it, he used Massachusetts government powers to force individuals to purchase healthcare.

Romney likes to make it sound like he’s a constitutionalist with private sector business leadership experience, the qualities America needs for a president, to pull us out of this bad economy. On the contrary, the United States Government is not a business, and to run it as a business would shift the focus of government on how to grow Big Business. Since the largest consolidation of revenue can be obtained from big business. This will be to the detriment of small business and the individual, were Romney to become president.

With a Romney presidency, the temptation to utilize the President's Working Group on Financial Markets, to determine bailing out businesses like GM, instead of allowing the company to sell off bits and pieces or allowing it to be taken over by one it’s competitors, would be too strong of a temptation for a “Businessman” like Romney to pass up. He can get businesses, land, or whatever assets he desires, and call it bailouts, instead of allowing it to become an asset for the general public to bid on.

I’ve seen this first hand, the FDIC takes land from developers who defaulted on their loans, instead of the property going up for auction to the highest bidder, it gets packaged in with 100’s or 1000’s of other properties, and is sold to large conglomerates, who they (The FDIC) feels can manage it properly. So for instance a single 50 acre property, which was seized, cannot be bought back by said developer who defaulted on a loan, but later secures new funding sources. This is happening all over the United States right now and is nothing more than a government land grab, with backdoor deals for Big Business. What do you think is happening to the 3 million homes that were foreclosed on in 2009? Millions of homes have been bundled and sold off to big business, in exactly this manner.

Romney is currently our biggest obstacle to elevating Ron Paul to the office of the presidency. I feel we need to explore arguments, on why people should not support Mitt Romney, and embrace true freedom for individuals and businesses, led by the philosophies of Ron Paul.

Please provide any input you can, on how to help people realize Romney would be a detriment to our Republic. Let’s not let Romney corporatize our republic!


  1. randolphfuller's Avatar
    Romney is a major threat to Dr. Paul and our country. Not to be overlooked however is Mike Huckabee and his socially conservative followers. Just look at the number of Southern Baptists all over the place!
  2. civusamericanus's Avatar
    I now think Rick Perry is fascism wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross, and Ron Paul's biggest contender! He is the perfect example of, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
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