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What is Business?

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Every human being ever born depends on the charity of others. Human beings are not born self sufficient.

Charity often begins sucking on a mother's nipple which often continues as parents or guardians provide food and shelter until young human beings are able to provide their own food and shelter.

Why is this important? Because TRADE, BARTER, CHARITY, or whatever you want to label it are VITAL to the survival of any human being!

So... what is business? How does trading for your own survival become Business?

How come I was not taxed for the milk I received from the breast of my mother? Did I not gain?

How come my mother was not licensed to operate a non-profit breast feeding Business?

How come the FDA does not certify breast milk to be safe for infants?

How come my mother did not receive a tax deduction and write off for expenses to produce FDA certified breast milk?

Was she not the body operating as Live_Free_Or_Die's Mothers Name, Incorporated?

I ask again.... what is Business?

The body representing Live_Free_Or_Die, Incorporated

(Signature subject to change upon the body becoming self aware of it's own name or God revealing body's name to body.)