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Our Oklahoma Republican Party Precinct Meetings occur very soon

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and you may ask why I bring that up here. Well for two reasons.

1) It is at the heart of determining who will be our party's nominee in 2012. If we are the leaders of the party and we say it is to be Ron Paul, then it will be.

2) It is at the heart of determining what we will stand for and if we will make sure our leaders do the same; and, if they will follow through on promises made on the campaign trail.

Back in 2007, I wrote a piece and posted it on the forums that got me in a lot of trouble with my local party because I was telling people here on the forums what it would take to get Ron Paul elected. It could be re-written and the dates changed, but it is timeless information and I share it with you again here for reference: Mirroring the Republican Party. If I could change one thing about that post today it would be the title and I would call it Being the Republican Party. We have an opportunity to make the Republican Party what we want it to be and elect the people we want to lead it and bring our nation back to limited constitutional government.

Let's continue what we have started together here and improve on what we did in the past and branch out in our own spheres of influence. Let's do it in such a way that protects Life and Liberty for all. Let's be the grassroots citizen activists that we are and 'get 'er done!


Republican Precinct Chair #28
Washington County Oklahoma

ps Here is a Sample Packet of Resolutions we just released in Oklahoma for you to consider sharing with others and debating in your precinct meetings this cycle if it helps get people engaged in the process. But don't forget to pay attention to the Rules because that is where the real power is -- more on this topic in a future post!

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