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Is gold in a bubble?

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Is gold in a bubble? Almost by definition, gold is the alternative currency, so it should be the most affected by the monetary inflation created by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury. Gold has certainly risen, and it is serving it's function well. One could say the efforts of the biggest financial corporations and governments to control the price of gold has resulted in a smooth curve, avoiding a speculative bubble in gold. Would there be as much demand for gold if the US Dollar was not being destroyed? Probably not. In that respect, there is speculation; speculation that gold is a safer currency than the US Dollar or other fiat currencies. And in fact, that is not speculation at all. In addition to it's many uses, Gold is money; a competing currency that has outlasted all others.

(Note: The above was removed for brevity from a prior blog entry, saved here for future reference.)

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  1. randolphfuller's Avatar
    When it was $875 an oz in 1980, was that a bubble?
  2. Brian4Liberty's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by randolphfuller
    When it was $875 an oz in 1980, was that a bubble?
    Yes, I would call that specific peak a speculative bubble.