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Bailout 2020: The Great Bipartisan Bribe

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By Brian4Liberty - March 26, 2020

(RPF) - Who remembers TARP 2008 and the related bailouts and stimulus? You might not remember, but the government remembers. Politicians remember. And they learned from that experience.

The outrage was nearly universal. The common people of the left and the right were vocally opposed. The phone lines at Congress were flooded. A new movement was started called Occupy Wall Street, which in the beginning included people from across the political spectrum, opposed to crony corporatism, Oligarchy and Plutocracy. “Too big to fail” and “socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the masses” were popular war cries.

Fast forward to 2020. It’s time again for bailouts. But this time, there is a bipartisan twist. Democrat and Republican leaders alike support payments to every American. Some find this strange. Many people don't want or need it. Not everyone is one check away from the streets. Why is the establishment pushing this, and in such a bipartisan manner? McConnell and Pelosi agree, this is the most important and urgent action they can take.

The answer is simple. They learned from the past. Call it stimulus. Call it relief to people who have lost income. Call it redistribution of wealth. Call it a step towards Universal Basic Income. Call it the benevolence of McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, Trump and Mnuchin.

It is being called many things, except for the one thing that it is above all else. It’s a bribe. America is being paid to be silent. Here’s some cash. Don't protest, don't complain, don't say you didn't get anything this time.

Now step aside while trillions of dollars once again flow to special interests and the murky shadows and corners of the crony corporatist world. You took your bribe, now sit down and shut up.
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  1. Working Poor's Avatar
    Yea it is a bribe can't disagree with you there. It proves we are all whores. How does one declare themselves to be a high dollar whore anyway?