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A friend of mine is looking to build a workshop on his property. My project has piqued his interest as a means to provide a heating system. It doesn't get very cold where he's at, but a couple months out of the year will see chilly nights in the 40's (it's a desert region in southern CA). He is grid connected AND he has well over 10 KW of solar - so, he's good on the electricity side of things. I thought it funny, but he still wants the generator. I suggested he get a battery system for backup and just configure the solar system to charge the batteries, but he really hates batteries.

If the engine system were not included, then the 2' x 3' base I am using would accommodate a small commercial indirect water heater along with a small hydronic water circulation pump. A water feed pump is not required because the condensate would circulate by thermosiphon (like a coffee maker). This would be much simpler than the engine system, and I could have it completed in a fraction of the time.

He will not start building his shop until summer of next year. So, the timing is good. Provided he remains interested, then I would build him a furnace insisting only that he purchase the parts. We would then install and test the system together and gather useful data.

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