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Comrade SwordShill

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[QUOTE=PierzStyx;6838727][QUOTE=PAF;6838633]Oh, SwordShill! You have convinced me and I have just now had a change of heart! Rather than to rally a few thousand gun-toters to [B]inform[/B] those crooked bureaucrats that they can't and won't muck with us and the 2nd Amendment, we are instead going to ask them to pretty please write up some nice legislation that we can all compromise on! And then everything will be daffodils and roses!

You are so smart! Thank you![/QUOTE]

46,000 posts in 3 years breaks down to 42 posts a day, which is nearly two posts an hour from Comrade SwordShill. A perosn spending so much time on here obviously isn't working -no job would allow such a waste of company time- nor does he have a family- no wife would allow her husband to ignore the family for an online forum, same with the roles reversed. So we are left with two options. Either Comrade SS is a pathetic loser with no job, no life, and no friends beyond this forum and dependent on welfare to survive or he is a sock puppet operated by multiple people intent or pushing a narrative or blind loyalty to Republican Party supremacy who actively attacks any real world action not in line with subservience to the Party.

At first I was charitable and thought the former. But now I can see it is almost certainly the latter. Which is why he opposes and mocks people taking real world action as you suggest.[/QUOTE]


  1. Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    More lies and insults.

    I never opposed rallies, I opposed rallies to no purpose and opposition to improvements combined with a failure to do anything substantial to achieve the perfection he demands.

    But you and he are just here to misdirect and hobble the movement so of course you jump in to agree with him and attack me.
  2. r3volution 3.0's Avatar
    Swordsmyth isn't multiple people.

    I've spent too much time arguing with him.

    His derangement is quite consistent.
  3. angelatc's Avatar
    These forums have always had a strain of people who are here only to destroy us. Collins and his ties to the Paul campaign also openly sought to destroy any grassroots momentum in the 2012 cycle. Swordshill here is doing exactly the same thing. Based on the amount of time he spends writing here and in other venues, it's pretty clear someone is paying him.