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16 Marines arrested on charges ranging from human smuggling to drugs, officials say

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[QUOTE=PierzStyx;6834861][QUOTE=Swordsmyth;6834856]That isn't what we will create.

Your commie buddies will create a police state, your support of it makes you a traitor to the Constitution, liberty, and basic humanity.[/QUOTE]

Yep. I'm an anarchist who hates all forms of centralized states- you know the very opposite of Communism- so somehow that makes me a Communist. While you champion the murder of innocent people engaging in free market exchanges of goods and services and locking the survivors in state run gulags all in the name of communal property owned by "the people" and managed on their behalf by an all power centralized police state.

Which one of us is the Communist? Well, why don't we ask an actual Communist what the Communist border laws should be.


Why look at that. You and comrade Bernie agree. Just proves Hayek right- the distance between Red and Brown isn't ideology. Its merely the color of the uniform. And you're a filthy, lying, traitor to everything Americans believe in.

Your handler really ought to get a smarter puppet in place of you.[/QUOTE]


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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    Bernie wouldn't really follow through and you know it.
    Many Demoncrats have spoken words about border security but they never do anything about it.
    The invaders are not innocent as you pretend to believe, they have already done extreme damage to liberty.
    You want to flood this country with communists so they can establish a communist regime on the ashes of the Constitutional Republic that you as an anarcho-communist intend to help them burn down.
    And you're a filthy, lying, traitor to everything Americans believe in.