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What It Means To Be Rich

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[QUOTE=PierzStyx;6800489][QUOTE=Superfluous Man;6800430]Yeah, I'm sure that Amash would vote yes on a bill to ban manufacturing in the US.[/QUOTE]

Obviously he wouldn't. It amazes me how much these people want to trap America in the Industrial Age though. If they were around in the 1800s they would've opposed farming technology because it put field workers out of a job and have fought against Edison because they were afraid the light bulb would destroy the work of candle-making market. They consistently fail to recognize that moving beyond wasting our own time, resources, and wealth on the production of goods and being able to focus our time, wealth, and resources on using those goods for our own ends places even the poorest amongst us at a greater level of wealth than almost any other person at any time in all of history. Their opposition to it all is Rand's [I]Anthem[/I] happening in real life.[/QUOTE]


  1. Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Without independence you can't have liberty and you can't have independence without the means to produce your needs.

    Aside from the direct threat of conquest there is also the fact that allowing the destruction of your economy will create millions of voters that are dependent on government for their needs while impoverishing and thereby disempowering millions more.

    Political power (and therefore liberty) flows out of gun barrels and bank accounts.

    It has been said (and seemingly forgotten) that even if you believe in open borders you can't have them while the welfare state exists and it is just as true that even if you want free trade or something as close to it as possible you can't have it while the regulatory state exists.

    Tariffs are also simply the best form of taxation and as much of the cost of the legitimate functions of government should be shifted to them as possible.