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Rand is not a libertarian

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[QUOTE=PierzStyx;6686661][QUOTE=phill4paul;6686308]You should start a Thomas Massie page. If he is pure enough for you. I don't know. You set a high bar. Perhaps a gofundme for you yourself. This is a purported activist page. How about a PierzStyx go fund me? Let's do this![/QUOTE]

First, saying Rand isn't a libertarian shouldn't be controversial. I'm only quoting the man himself.

[QUOTE]“I’m not a libertarian." -Rand Paul


He is a Republican. And every now and then he'll pander to libertarians. He'll not oppose the War on Drugs, just want to lessen the severity of the penalties. He has no problem with the government using legal force against businesses that choose to refuse service to people in order to enforce a top down ideal of equality. He keeps bouncing around on the issue of military spending- sometimes opposing and other times supporting it. He has no problem with the government using drones against civilians as long as the government has a warrant, perhaps forgetting the government writes its own warrants now. He has also endorsed the use of drones by police against people. He has openly endorsed the imprisonment of people for listening to "radical political speeches." Ther eis more here, but I won't bore you with the full list. But now you have him saying stuff like this on Fox:

[QUOTE]Paul said he’s “willing to meet” with the judge to see how he would rule on other issues. “There are 10 rights…10 amendments listed in the Bill of Rights, and so the Fourth Amendment’s one of them,” Paul said. “So we’re already down one, let’s see how he does on the other nine.”


Ignoring that there are more than ten human rights, you've got Rand suggesting he will vote for Kavanaugh even though Rand knows Kavanaugh endorsed Bush using torture and doesn't believe in the Fourth Amendment. The evidence seems clear. The man isn't a libertarian who panders to Republicans. He is a Republican that every now and then panders to libertarians.

As for setting a high bar, you're absolutely correct. I'm often derided for being a "purist" or an "anarchist" for insisting on sticking to fundamental libertarian principles such as the Non-Aggression Principle as it applies both to individual human action and mass government action. But setting a high bar is how you get Ron Paul. Low bars is how you get Cheeto Mussolini. Compromising on human liberty means surrendering your liberty in ever increasing parts. It is the road that has led us to where we are now. And it is the road that will lead us only further into oligarchy, authoritarianism, and oppression.[/QUOTE]