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Keith and stuff - how to vote in New Hampshire on September 11th

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For Immediate Release

Liberty Ballot recommends Andy Sanborn, Joseph Kenney, and Jane Cormier in the Republican Primary

Liberty Ballot recommends Senator Andy Sanborn for Congress. This is the third election cycle in a row that Liberty Ballot has recommended Andy Sanborn based primarily on his pro-liberty voting record. Andy Sanborn has consistently received "A" ratings from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire. Senator Sanborn co-chaired the New Hampshire presidential campaign for champion of liberty Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Sanborn was endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, and Gun Owners of America.

Liberty Ballot made recommendations in Executive Council, State Senate, State Representative, county office, and Republican Delegate races. For Executive Council, Liberty Ballot recommends Joseph Kenney in District 1 and Jane Cormier in District 4. For State Senate, Liberty Ballot recommends Dan Hynes in District 9, Kevin Avard in District 12, and Bill Kuch in District 16. Full recommendations for races in every precinct are available at

What is Liberty Ballot?

Since 2014, Liberty Ballot has served the ever growing New Hampshire pro-liberty community by objectively rating the over 1,000 candidates that run for office every two years and recommending only the pro-liberty candidates. Liberty Ballot helps Granite Staters answer important election related questions. Which candidates support smaller government? How to vote? Where to vote? Voting for liberty can be complicated - make it easy with Click on a town and then click “Get Ballot”. A sample ballot filled out with pro-liberty candidate recommendations for the contested September Republican Primary races will appear. Save the ballot to a phone, bring up the website in the voting booth, or even print out a personal copy of the ballot. Recommendations are only made in certain primary races. See the Liberty Ballot FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.