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Militarism inherent in border regulation

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[QUOTE=PierzStyx;6668758][QUOTE=Anti Federalist;6668755]I do not.

I want to get rid of it.



How do you think you are going to attack 11 million people and deprive them of their lives, liberty, and property without your roving bands of jackboots? How are you going to know who is and isn't an immigrant without national registration, tracing, and monitoring? How are you going to violate the property, association, and exchange rights of all 325 million Americans without using militaristic police violence to enforce your rule? How are you going to militarize the border and pay for your $25 billion+ in upfront costs and billions more in endless costs without the violence and theft of taxation? Or how you are going to prevent the free exchange of goods and services across borders without extortion, theft, and police state monitoring of said exchanges and the use of violence against those who don't follow your edicts? All of these things, and everything else required to bring about your vision, require a giant, expansive militaristic police state to force your will upon the masses.

You're just another jackboot Progressive who wants to pretend somehow violating the Life, Liberty, and Property of millions of people and violating the US Constitution is warranted because it will create your perfect utopia. You're deluded and you either ignore or don't care about the real cost in liberty and blood that your policies require to force upon the millions of peaceful people who want nothing to do with them.

Nationalist thugs like you are a scarier problem than any imaginary threat from abroad.[/QUOTE]