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Antitrust Law - Needed or Not?

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Are Antitrust Law Needed or Not?

A breakdown of the Axiom's involved in the issue...

Moral Issues
Axiom 1: Having a monopoly does not mean that you have done anything morally wrong, all of your property and clients can be justly acquired.
Axiom 2: Antitrust laws only have value when they are back by forcing others to comply, such as with breaking up a monopoly by taking control over resources.
Axiom 3: It is immoral to apply force against others when they have not done anything wrong.
Axiom 4: Antitrust laws that are not based on addressing immoral actions are immoral as they will require force against others who did nothing wrong.
Axiom 5: As the definition and scope of antitrust laws is not limited to immoral actions they are immoral.

Individual Choice Issues
Axiom 6: While it can be problematic for one company to gain a monopoly on something that does not guarantee they would do things you donít like.
Axiom 7: Antitrust laws remove your personal choice of what you find acceptable vs. not acceptable and puts it in the hands of the government.

Government Power Issues
Axiom 8: Antitrust laws give more control and power to the government.
Axiom 9: The more power a government has the more likely it will become a target of corruption.
Axiom 10: History and natural law show that the consolation of power will lead to a distortion of that power to favor the politically connected.

Government Spending Issues
Axiom 11: The development of antitrust laws, the monitoring of the market for violations and the prosecution of violators requires government spending unless everyone works for free.
Axiom 12: People do not work for free, thus government spending is required.
Axiom 13: Government spending requires additional revenue either with taxes, fees or fines.
<Deferring discussion on the issues with taxes, fees or fines>
Axiom 14: Government taxes and fees remove money from the free market.

Free Market Alternative
Axiom 15: The free market offers solutions that can stop undesirable behavior with the use of boycotts and bad public relations. Consumers with limited time can rely on third party research firms for important information or shop at retailors who purchase based on acceptable behavior policies by a company.

Free market solutions (Axiom 15) are superior to government solutions which are immoral (Axiom 5), reduce your choice (Axiom 7) and can actually make market matters worse (Axiom 10 and 14).

Additional considerations could analyze the cost on the market to deal with antitrust laws and how companies unnecessarily distort themselves to adhere to the laws.


  1. Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Axiom A: Having a monopoly doesn't mean you will keep it.
    Axiom B: Any extreme scenarios dreamed up to justify anti-trust laws are unlikely and should be dealt with in other ways, if the only solution to such a scenario is government action then it is a bridge that should be crossed once when you come to it and not before or after.