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Links To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part III

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[URL=""]Living in a State-Run World[/URL] by Murray Rothbard
[URL=""]May a Libertarian Take Money From the Government?[/URL] by Walter Block
[URL=""]Is there a Human Right to Medical Insurance[/URL] by Walter Block
[URL="]Libertarianism,%20Positive%20Obligations%20and%20Property%20Abandonment:%20Children%27s%20Rights[/URL]%20by%20Walter%20Block%3Cbr%20/%3E[URL=%22"]Hobbes, Minarchism, and Anarchy[/URL] by Stephen Krogh (short audio, 12 mins)
[URL=""]Anarchy and Democracy[/URL] by Stefan Molyneux (video)
[URL=""]Taking Care of the Poor in a Free Society[/URL] by Stefan Molyneux (video)
[URL=""]Mises Panel Discussion[/URL] Live FAQ with Roderick Long, Walter Block, Jacob Huebert, Yuri Maltsev and Doug French (video)
[URL=""]Wage Slavery[/URL] by Stargazer5781 (video)
[URL=""]The Immaculate Conception of the State[/URL] by Murray Rothbard (The most important attempt in this century to rebut anarchism and to justify the State fails totally and in each of its parts.-Rothbard)
[URL=""]Somalia[/URL] by Pete Leeson (short video.)
[URL=""]The Unconstitutionality of Slavery[/URL] by Lysander Spooner [SIZE=1]added 6/10/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]Civil Disobedience[/URL] by Henry David Thoreau [SIZE=1]added 6/10/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]Vices Are Not Crimes[/URL] by Lysander Spooner [SIZE=1]added 6/15/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]Anarchy in Somalia[/URL] by Bob P. Murphy [SIZE=1]added 6/30/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]Understanding Somalia and Anarchy (1:10:00 to 1:32:00)[/URL] by Peter Leeson (The whole presentation is[B] great[/B], highly recommended.) [SIZE=1]added 6/30/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]The Tale of the Slave[/URL] by Robert Nozick [SIZE=1]added 7/05/11[/SIZE]
[URL=""]The Inner Contradictions of the State[/URL] by Murray Rothbard (video) [SIZE=1]added 8/10/11[/SIZE]

[B][U]Various Informative Forum Discussions and Posts[/U][/B]

[I]How might child abuse be handled in a stateless society?[/I] [URL=""][/URL]
[I]Minarchists or Anarchists?[/I] [URL=""][/URL]
[I]Some problematic scenarios (for anarchy) [/I][URL][/URL]
[I]Two reputable courts producing different decisions [/I] [URL=""][/URL]
[I]Short FAQ (funding,children,roads)[/I] [URL=""][/URL]
[I]Dispute Resolution System in a Libertarian Society[/I] [URL][/URL]
[I]Somalia, Criminal Courts, Anarchic Ireland[/I] [URL=""][/URL]
[I]Help me understand anarcho-capitalism... (basically a FAQ thread)[/I] [URL=""][/URL]...
[I]Voluntary Law Society Questions Answered[/I] [URL=""][/URL] and [URL=""][/URL] and [URL=""][/URL] [SIZE=1]added 8/06/11[/SIZE]

[I]Law Without Government[/I] [URL=""][/URL] and [URL=""][/URL] [SIZE=1]added 8/06/11
[URL=""][B]Law without Government: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society[/B][/URL]

[URL=""][B]How Could a Voluntary Society Function?[/B][/URL]

[URL=""][B]The Jurisprudence Of Polycentric Law[/B][/URL] by Tom W. Bell (includes Historical examples of polycentric legal systems)

[URL=""][B]Law [I]Prior[/I] to the State (Polycentric Law)[/B][/URL] by Tom W. Bell

[URL=""][B]Polycentric Law in the New Millennium[/B][/URL] by Tom W. Bell

[URL=""][B]Customary Legal Systems with[I] [B][U]Voluntary Enforcement[/U][/B][/I] & The Rise of Authoritarian Law[/B][/URL] by Bruce L. Benson (from [URL=""]The Enterprise of Law[/URL])

[URL=""][B]Voluntaryism and Protective Agencies in Historical Perspective[/B][/URL]

[URL=""][B]Creating Monopolies that Control Us[/B][/URL] by Mary Ruwart (answered objection: monopolies in a voluntary market)