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RP: Who Brought the World to the Brink of World War III?

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We did.

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Uhm, no. Not all of us. Only most of the countries involved. We few radicals and rebels do what we can to prevent it. Whether that works or not still doesn't change whether it is our fault or not.
To which I responded thusly:

The number of people out there who are putting their asses on the line is vanishingly small. My statistical assessment therefore stands. To wit...

The fact is this: we failed from the earliest days. It could be argued that it began the moment we established government, yet it can be equally argued against, so let us put that point of contention aside for practical purposes. It is, however, significantly more difficult to argue that it was not the case when we drifted from the AoC to the Constitution. Then there was Marbury, which was one of the most devastating events in our history, unheralded as it remains. The most harmless branch of government became the most dangerous, to paraphrase Jefferson.

Bunches of small bites came with regulation, whiskey rebellions put down, and God only knows what else of which I cannot even cite offhand. Then, when some of the states decided they'd had enough, those determined to force the preservation of what had clearly become an unholy union, prosecuted and won a war against the others. All the while, the people of the north effectively went along, either in blind ignorance, obedience, covetousness, fear, or all. Once the behavioral precedents were established whereby the "people" (most particularly of the north for decades thereafter) came to recognize the otherwise non-existent authority of the ever-growing "state", the bites into those established freedoms grew with ever increasing numbers of outrages perpetrated against the free men of this nation by Congress, abetted by the Judicial, and enforced and expanded in abuse by the Executive. The genocides and other atrocities against the indians is enough to prove my point, and make one cry. But Theye didn't stop there. Only we did that.

And by the time 1912 rolled around, the people of this land had fallen into such bad habits of compliance to the corrupt and I daresay evil will of "government" that Congress was, without a quorum, able to pass the Federal Reserve Act and have its complicit president sign it into effect. That is where the bites became embarrassingly noticeable in their individual magnitude and we wound up with massacres by our own army against its good veterans for nothing more than their demands they get the fair shakes they had been promised. And then the progressive socialists came out of the closet, however tentatively, in the persona of that demonic bastard, FDR, whose "social programs" rapidly began sapping the strength and honor of the good people of this nation through the poison of "free" and unearned monies through the so-called "welfare" system. Oh, the irony of it.

And war taxes remained under pretexts of creeping communism, and we accepted it with no fight worth the mention. Then we went to Korea and Viet Nam; then on to our current fiascos in the middle east, not to mention the cold war and the great arms race. And finally, the coupe de grace as weapons were turned upon our own people, towers fell, and so forth, and the bites from Freedom's backside were no longer merely hotly noticeable, but outrageous. And now Theye could basically care less how we react because they know that we will do NOTHING of substantive effect to get in their way.

So yes, we are in fact and indeed all to blame for this, going WAY back to the days of the founding. I might argue that we ought to have gotten our rifles and shot all who'd had anything to do with the non-authoritative adoption of the Constitution, for not a soul there undersigned held the least shred of representational (or other) authority to commit others to such arrangements. The act itself was anti-freedom. But even if we accept some of the practical realities of living in a world as free people surrounded by predatory Empire, what came with Marbury prophetically demonstrated the habit of failure that was to become the dominant trait of Americans who, at that moment went from being potentially free people, to slaves effectively as abject as those being shipped to these shores as mere chattel from corners far flung. We accepted what may have been the single greatest usurpation in all our history, innocuous as it may have appeared to the eyes of willful ignorance, and at that point set the stage for generations to come.

But even so, we could have snatched ourselves from the jaws of tyranny at any time, had we had the guts, sense, and will to do so. But no - we now had a "good thing" in our hands, life had become too sweet, and we thereby became covetous for more, and fearful of loss of that which matters no whit in comparison with our liberty, and which we threw to the wind, piecemeal, glibly, and at some point almost blithely in favor of tokens and trinkets . Instead of killing off the SCOTUS and anyone else who attempted to violate that which our Ninth Amendment guarantees and pledges protection, we turned our backs to the evil done us, accepted it, and tried to move on as if there were nothing to see, lest our blind pursuit of ephemera encounter even the merest disruption.

Taken s a statistical gestalt, we as a people have shirked since day one. Even NOW we could recover ourselves - if at vastly greater cost, this late in the game - yet we sit idly, operating naught but our yaps in recognition and complaint of the problems while taking no effective material steps to put this to ends. I grant that at this particular moment it may be the wiser stratagem to wait, but what of civil disobedience on massive-scales? Our long history of failure lends little basis to think that a miracle in choice of action will occur or that we the people will somehow and all of a sudden find ourselves possessed of the knowledge and will to set things to rights and remain murderously vigilant against one and all who approach man's liberty, or as Patrick Henry so eloquently put it:

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
So far as I am concerned, he was the greatest of all the men of that era, for he recognized the true nature of things and minced no words about it. If you are not literally willing to murder your fellow men for the sake of preserving liberty for all, you shirk and doom yourself, your fellows, and our posterity to damnation. This is historically borne-out as truth and empirically observable fact that flies in the face of all the bull$#@! that claims otherwise.

Our first, foremost, and most centrally fundamental daily concern and duty as free men should be the acquisition of the material ability to butcher all those who threaten freedom, adoption of the mental posture of an unhesitating will to do so, and the endless and sensitive watchfulness in every deed of our fellows such that any proclivity to trespass in even the smallest ways, one against another, be noted and carefully weighed and assessed for response. All other considerations, whether they be familial, religious, economic, or those of pure pleasure and joy, ought take a distant second-place standing compared with our knowledge of the fundamentals of Proper Human Relations and our will to enforce those dictates of principle with unmasked, but intelligently applied, brutality and intolerance.

This need further underscores the wisdom of freedom for all in that exercise makes for strength and skill such that all sorts must be afforded their freedoms because even those whose positions disagree with liberty have their places among us, serving a vital purpose. Such men will always be with us as vile habits are born into them, or at least cultivated through whatever circumstance. Those men serve as the antigen fodder for the exercise of Liberty's immune system such that without them, our defenses against tyranny would fall fallow in time, leaving us vulnerable to the next liar, somewhere down the road. We need scoundrels who threaten us, if but to learn to recognize and properly respond to the threats they pose and to disregard the poisons with which they attempt to infect us. Without constant practice at this, we are inevitably lost. Therefore, cherish such scoundrels, dastards, and caitiffs for the opportunities they afford the freedom-loving men of the world to keep honed their skills and resolve to sacred liberty.

But in the real world, we equivocate and speak as cowards of "moderation" and of false meters of "appropriateness" - ALL LIES, which we have effectively accepted and by which we have been lead to the brink of ruin.

Believe as you wish - God knows you will find no dearth of company in fooling yourself. But there are those of us who are not fooled by the self-exculpations so commonly employed to excuse our common fear, avarice, ignorance, and lassitude. We are become a nation of corrupted cowards, growing growing more cancerous with every passing moment and further damning ourselves through inaction and our excuses for remaining inert.

It is by these failings that we whittle each chip from our potential ability to rescue human freedom from extinction upon the earth.