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Hillary Clinton claims that Libya is now a successful Democracy

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Hillary Clinton claims that Libya is now a successful Democracy
By Brian F. Liberty - April 15th, 2016

(RPF) - During last night's Democrat Debate, Hillary Clinton blamed Libya on President Obama, yet at the same time bragged that Libya has had free and fair elections since the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi. Apparently Clinton was responsible for that so-called "success".

It does leave out any concerns for the current condition of Libya, but apparently having people put pieces of paper into a box is the yard-stick by which Clinton measures the state of affairs in a nation. No doubt the people of Libya have many other concerns that are more relevant, such as death, destruction, warfare, jobs, housing and foreign takeovers by radical organizations such as ISIL.

Leaving aside the other variables of life in Libya, and the diversionary attempt by Clinton to claim a victory for democracy, how truthful are her ongoing campaign statements? Politifact evaluated Clinton after she made similar claims late last year:

And Politifact was equally skeptical about Clinton's positive spin:

President Obama himself recently pointed to post-Qaddafi Libya as his biggest failure, so it is surprising that Hillary was still attempting to paint it in a positive light at last night's debate. As Ali Abdullatif Ahmida, a political scientist from the University of New England put it:

The final verdict:

Even a rating of "Half True" seems to be generous when taken in context with the big picture and massive failures in Libya. Even if there were two semi-successful votes that occurred, albeit marred by violence, the results of those elections have been essentially nullified by the subsequent collapse of the Libyan government. It is hard to believe that Clinton can simultaneously blame Obama and still attempt to take credit for a fleeting event. Then again, we are talking about Clintonian politics, so nothing should come as a surprise. Is Libya now a stable democracy? It all depends upon your definition of the word "is".